Here’s some interesting and irresistible links to read while you get your week started. I hope you have a fab day!

♥ Adele makes plus size mannequins acceptable!


♥ Online retailer About Curves Plus Sized Lingerie is awarding badges to honor blogs whose content truly embodies their belief in self-acceptance.

Pretty Pear Bride is an indispensable source of information and ideas for any curvy girl with a wedding set ahead of her

Charles Barkley goes full drag in the latest Weight Watchers commercial. Hilarious!

38 anti-aging foods from Self Magazine. I’ll take one of each please. Thanks!

Slutty Prom Dresses. Are you for real? Man, any mamas that buy their daughters these dresses need to be slapped!

Is there a link between alcohol and weight loss? I can tell you that I never gave up going out and drinking anytime I lose weight. Just like food, do it in moderation!

When personal style blogs aren’t personal. There’s a few that I just can’t stand for this very reason. Some are even mentioned in this link. Hint Hint. The point of blogs was to keep it REAL!

5 Plus Positive Tumblr’s to Follow Plus Beyonce!

♥  FINALLY: A Plus-Size Designer Collaboration! Say Hello to Clements Ribeiro for Evans. AND, it actually looks like designer clothes!


Have a great week, dolls!

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