This week, I’ve been talking a lot about body image and confidence across the blog and social media.  To round out the week, I’ve kept that theme going with a round up of Irresistible Links from some of my favorite body positive bloggers.

On a side note, who else is excited for the weekend? Last weekend, I went out for a hike which I haven’t really done in awhile. I vlogged a little bit on Instagram Stories so let’s follow each other on there. I forgot how much I craved doing things like that. Both for my physical health but even more so for my mental health. Something about being outside with nature clears all of the mental clutter and reminds me of what’s actually important. That was a major shift for me in my journey. The ability to not look at exercise as a torture session. I had to find activities that mesh with MY life. So on that note, try something new this weekend, hold your head high, and make confidence your queen!

In case you missed it, be sure to check out my latest blog post: How To Feel Confident About Your Body When You Don’t Feel Irresistible

♥ Would my life be better if I were thinner? A must see video.

♥ How’s this for body confidence?! Fat Girls Hiking Wants You to Love Your Body—and Take It Outside.

♥ From Suits, Heels, & Curves: WHY I LOVE MY CURVES

♥ From On the Plus Side, How My Life Changed The Day My “Wings” Were Born

♥ Now for a little Spring fashion. I’m loving all these looks from Jay Miranda. Looks like I’m making a trip to Old Navy soon!

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