Hi doll! I hope you are having a fabulous week so far! Here are some fun and irresistible reads to get you through the week.


♥ I love reading weight loss success stories! Check out Cecelia who lost 76 lbs with Weight Watchers!

♥ Sick of ‘Aging Out’ of Your Favorite Brands? Try Being Over a Size 14.

Size 14 is the new skinny. Amen to that!

♥ This has to be the biggest fashion fail of all time!

♥ Jessica Simpson’s baby wait is over, but Weight Watchers is waiting!

10 Ways to Make Your Instagram Photos Pop by Gala Darling,

{Image Source – Ineedacupcake}

♥ From Jezebel,Anna Wintour Gives Kim Kardashian the Ultimate Diss!

♥ Want an alert delivered to your inbox each time something from your site is pinned on Pinterest? PinAlerts, still in beta, is like Google Alerts for your FAVE pinnable site.

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