Last night’s mid-season premier of The Walking Dead was pretty epic. Personally, I thought it was one of the best episodes to date. I never thought I could be so emotionally invested in a show. Especially a show about the zombie apocalypse! How did that even happen?

I have this bizarre connection to Rick n the gang. Every single time I see them slay and come together as a team I get all the feels. Rick went into full blown boss mode last night after watching Jessie die and Carl get shot in the face. It got me thinking about how The Walking Dead is full of valuable life lessons. You can apply these to your binge eating recovery, weight loss journey, career goals, or anything in life really.

Irresistible Life Lessons from The Walking Dead

1. Don’t Ask For Permission

Rick Grimes is a true leader. He doesn’t ask anyone for permission. He does what needs to be done. After seeing Carl laying unconscious and covered in blood on his potential death bed, Rick doesn’t ask anyone for permission. He goes out and does what needs to be done. #LikeaBoss

Yes, there are times when you need buy-in before you start something but in times of crisis, people just need an actionable leader that takes charge. Rick leads by example (most of the time lol) and his team has the utmost respect for him.

You don’t need anyone’s permission to lead an irresistible life. Do you.

2. Focus on the Task

When you’re slaying zombies you don’t have time to focus on all the other stuff you think you “should” be doing. All you can afford to do is focus on the task. If you don’t, you die. Other people die. It’s that simple.

In “real life” we often times focus on all the 500 things we think we need to do in order to prepare for the single most important task. For example, I want to start Weight Watchers next Monday. Well, before I can start I need to eat everything in sight, clean my kitchen, join a gym, buy a Fitbit, meal plan, etc. You get the gist.

Eff that. Just do it. Focus on the task in the here and now. Sometimes you just have to get started in order to figure out what you’ll need later.

3. Believe in Yourself

When you’re in the moment and focused on the task there is no other option other than to believe in yourself. You don’t have time for doubts. Rick took one look at Carl bleeding on the operating table, looked out the window, and made the decision to do something about the herd of walkers.

Do you really think he would have had the balls to do this if he was worried about low self esteem and all the what ifs? Hell no!

Do you believe in yourself? What do you have to lose? You only get one chance to create and live an irresistible life. You better start believing in yourself or nobody else will!

4. Connect with Your Community

This brings me to the next life lesson from The Walking Dead.

Up until the epic zombie slaying last night, Rick didn’t have much faith in the people of Alexandria. Could you blame him? They were afraid and came across as meek and mild. They were a divided community with no true leadership.

In the end of the episode, the Alexandrians watch out their windows as Rick slays zombies solo. The once terrified people of Alexandria grab their weapons and head out into the street to start slaying with Rick. No questions asked. No comments needed.

Rick, the gang, and the people of Alexandria became a united front. It was how a team should operate. It was beautiful. It gave me chills. Yes, seriously.

They finally connected as a community. There’s no way Rick could have come out of that situation alive by himself. He needed the community.

If you want to create an irresistible life you need some kind of community. You can’t do this alone and you don’t have to. As Johan Hari said in his Ted Talk,”The opposite of addiction isn’t sobriety. It’s connection.”

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5. Focus on Your WHY

The zombie apocalypse is enough to make anyone go crazy. Only the strong will survive. Maybe.

In the last scene, Rick has this revelation as he’s sitting next to Carl’s bed. He admits he was wrong about the people of Alexandria and that there is hope to focus on rebuilding what the world once was. As he holds Carl’s hand, Rick says,  “I want to show you the new world, Carl.”

Rick’s children are his WHY. The hope of their future is what keeps him going. Admit you didn’t tear up when Carl squeezed his hand!

In order to keep going you need to always focus on your WHY.

WHY is this so important to you? Personally in my binge eating recovery and weight loss journey, I mentally and physically can’t afford to go backwards. I refuse to waste anymore time in my life feeling miserable and trapped in my body. My WHY keeps me going on those days that I just want to say the hell with this.

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