Good morning cupcakes! How are you doing out there? Can you believe we are more than half way into February? I’ve been feeling like there just isn’t enough time in the day lately and really need to prioritize and start making my famous “to-do” lists! How do you handle things when you’re overwhelmed?

Sometimes, I just nod and smile . . . HEHE!!!


Today I am wearing another new outfit I purchased at Target last weekend. Geesh, I love Target! They are cute, trendy, budget friendly, and size friendly.

The shoes are some of my favs, which I talk about here. I am not so fond of the “back fat” going on in that picture!!! Definitely need to get back to shredding with Jillian Michaels!


I wanted to show you the high waisted “belt” of this dress. This can be very slimming for the tummy!

Here is a close up of my pink, “pearl”, flower necklace. It’s just a lot of fun and we all need that in the work day!

So, I have a busy day at work (what’s new?). I’m getting back in the swing of things with my wedding planning and going to see our venue tomorrow. I am also forcing myself to get back in my Weight Watchers meeting tomorrow or Saturday. I can’t decide what day works best yet. Either way, I look forward to blogging about my weigh-ins. I NEED to get this last 40-50 lbs OFF! I simply cannot look like this on the Big Day:

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Have an Irresistible Day!