Happy Fat Tuesday, Cupcakes!

I’d been contemplating whether or not to buy a pair of jeggings. For those that don’t know, that’s the result of tights and jeans having a baby. They’re a really easy way to wear “jeans” with tall boots. It eliminates the bulge of regular jeans being shoved into your boots.
For the longest time, I could barely fit a cute pair of tall boots over my calves. Even loosing weight, I still have that challenge. In fact, I’ve lost inches on all parts of my body and my calves actually stayed the same. They are massive and muscular. It might have something to do with also wearing high heels a good chunk of my life . . . Naw, I just contribute that to getting my Dad’s genes in that department. Thanks a lot! (Just kidding/no, not really but I love you anyway Dad)

I adore outfits with cute boots, tights, and sweaters during the cold winter months. Now that I have found the perfect pair of boots that fit my massive calves, you must have the outfits to match, right? I went to Target over the weekend and finally bought my first pair of jeggings. They are sooo comfy and go perfectly with long tunics and sweaters. It really expands your wardrobe and goes way beyond the basic black tights.

I also picked up a black, cowl neck, belted sweater dress from Target that was on sale for $20. It’s my fav’ type of sweater material because it doesn’t cling to the unflattering parts of your body. It actually accentuates your curves and is extremely slimming.


I got my jeggings in an extra large and my sweater dress in a large. My boots are a size 8.5.
Let’s review Jegging Do’s and Don’ts. Leggings in general should never be abused. I don’t care if you’re a size 2 or a size 22. It’s just wrong!!!!!!

Jegging Do’s

♥Always wear a long tunic or sweater that covers your booty!
♥Pair them with tall boots: flat or with a heel.
♥Always use icing to create fun and stylish looks.

Jegging Donts
♥Don’t wear the wrong under garment. These are tight and they might show or have serious lineage. Be classy, always.
♥Do NOT wear them like jeans. Would you wear panty hose that way?
♥No flip-flops. That is just tacky!
Have you tried jeggings yet? If so, how do you wear them? Share your jegging secrets in the comment section!