I saw these adorable lip themed accessories from the (2nd) Shops at Target launch this week. Well, ever since I can’t get that Pink song, “Blow me One Last Kiss” out of my head! So, I got inspired to create an Irresistible Finds collection for you, all kisses and lips themed! xoxo

irresistible finds

1. Check out these pink and ruby-red rhinestone and enamel lips adorn bags, wrists, fingers and earlobes from Kirna Zabete at the Shops at Target. 

2. This cell phone case is from Dynamically Divine on Etsy. Made with huge red lips, Chanel bag, gold chain, crystal rhinestones and white pearls.

3. The muse candle from Jonathan Adler. An exquisite crisp floral candle in a reusable translucent porcelain vessel that glows as the candle burns. The scent: think fresh cut flowers. And after the candle is gone The vessel is the perfect pot for a posse of pretty posies.

4. The Morning Mug. The cold mug displays the sleeping face white on black. When you pour in the hot coffee, the mug’s appearance quickly changes. Within a minute, the black mug has become completely white and the face will have awoken to greet you. What a way to start the day!

5. Juicy Couture 2011 Vampire Charm. Oh how I love Juicy charms.