I went to a BBQ/Birthday party this weekend for a good friend of ours. He is also the Best Man for our wedding. I suddenly realized I have NO Summer clothes! Either their too big or out dated because I haven’t shopped for warm weather clothes in years!  I always feel so uncomfortable or too fat for this time of year that I never go shopping (especially when I was larger) that now I have nothing. I went to Dots and bought a few Summer dresses.
I love yellow and figured I could wear this on a casual afternoon BBQ or even put on a cardigan and wear this to work. I also bought a new brown belt so I wouldn’t feel like such a blob! I wore this white summer dress a few years back when I was, eh em, a bit larger and I still feel like I look like that. Anyways. Enjoy!

♥ Price $14
♥ Size Large

Taken from my patio. Such gorgeous weather!

Paired it up with my Louis. What do you think?

A close up of my new belt. This will get lots of use!

Hi Cupcakes! It’s me, Mimi! Thanks for reading and following. Much Love!

Some of my flowers from the patio. I just love this little area.

“I’m walking on sunshine (whoa oh). And don’t it feel good (HEY!) Alright now”