Summer has left the building and the days are getting colder and shorter. I always hear women say they are packing up their Summer wardrobe. I shudder to think of all the outfits they will lose out on. True, you can’t wear everything all 4 seasons . . . BUT, you can recycle most garments and wear them differently. It’s back to the old adage, “start thinking smarter, not harder.” Plus, it’s easier on your wallet. Everyone loves that!

I invested and experimented with a romper this past Summer. It was simple. Through it on. Belt it. Accessorize. Put flip-flops on. Leave house. So cute. So easy. Love.

Waiting for the July 4th Fireworks with Chuy the Chihuahua!

I looked at that poor romper hanging in my closet. It hasn’t been worn or touched in months. It’s averaging around 50 degrees here by the beach, so how would I ever wear it again?


I teamed it up with my black tights, a cardigan, and black bow-tie heels. Let me show you, how you can also get this Irresistible look.

Example 1 – Buttoned up Cardigan
I buttoned the cardigan almost all the way and belted it in the middle. This is work appropriate as it doesn’t run the risk of the romper pulling down or showing too much cleavage. An Irresistible woman can be sexy but also knows there is a time and place.

Example 2 – Open Cardigan

I only buttoned the cardigan in the middle and belted the same way I did in example # 1. This is a good way to go from work to happy hour! Don’t forget to let your hair down! Work it, Irresistible dolls!

Remember, fashion is about having fun and about making it YOU. Somethings might work for someone else and not you. That’s ok. Experiment and enjoy the journey. You ARE Irresistible!
Have you tried to recycle your wardrobe? Leave me comments and let me know!
“You shouldn’t have to sacrifice who you are just because somebody else has a problem with it.” ~Carrie, Sex & the City~