Spend just a few seconds on Irresistible Icing and you can tell I’m a huge lover of plum and grey.

♥They are a match made in heaven. The contrast is just gorgeous.

♥ Plum & Grey is classy, irresistible and has an intense calming effect.

♥Grey IS the new black so it goes with everything. Especially all shades of purple.

There are so many shade variations of both plum and grey. That gives you a lot of irresistible looks to try out!

Fashion Inspiration
Check out the following collages to inspire your inner plum & grey goddess!

Plum & Grey – Business Casual
This look is business casual and could be worn in an office environment or out to the bar for drinks. Don’t forget a chunky cocktail ring like this elephant ring from Guess.

Colored Tights & Booties
Why not try out some plum tights and grey booties this winter? It’s a little daring and of course, irresistible!

We Be Clubbin’ Yea Yeahhhh
Hit the club rockin’ an irresistible plum dress with grey pumps OR some black SPIKED heels! Work it diva!

Plum Shoes!
I’m plum crazy over all these shoes! Do you have a favorite?

Irresistibly YOU Calendar
In the January Irresistible Calendar, I encourage you to try out plum and grey. Did you? Will you? Leave me a comment, doll!

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