To some, the holidays spark thoughts of sugarplum fairies, the scent of evergreen, sugar cookies baking in the oven, and shiny new presents. To the Irresistible, the holidays spark images of sequins, fancy dresses, and the sparkly jewels they will wear to all those holiday parties!

No? Still clueless as to what you should wear to the next holiday party shindig?

That’s ok dolls! I’m here to help you out. For the next week, Irresistible Icing will feature holiday fashion inspiration for YOU!

What’s in store?

♥ The Classic Black Cocktail Dress – featured in this post!
Jewel Tones
Lady in Red

Let’s start off first with the holiday classic. Black!

Glamify the Holidays – The Classic Black Cocktail Dress
Black is not boring. At least, it doesn’t have to be. Black is classic and elegant. A timeless holiday fashion staple.

An Irresistible Woman should always have a go-to black cocktail dress in her closet. One that makes you feel like a sexy temptress every time you put it on! Rawrrr!


Icing on the Cake – Tips to Be Irresistible

♥ Accessorize your black cocktail dress with bold, funky jewelry or shoes. Jewel tones are hot this season.

♥ Go for a contrasting heel. Try to avoid the black heels and do something like this one from ShoeDazzle. Emerald looks soooo fierce next to all black!

♥ There are so many different black dresses. Find the cut and shape that looks best on you and that you are comfortable in.

♥ Don’t feel guilty about indulging in a new black dress. Why? You can wear it all year round! Change up the accessories to the next event and nobody will even notice!

Real Fashion
I attended my husband’s holiday party 2 weeks ago. I purchased this black satin dress made by Bisou Bisou at JCP. It was on sale and cost me only $40! There is a jeweled embellishment built into the dress, creating a unique look.

I didn’t go with the jewel tone heels because I adore my glittery ones from Michael Kors. Fashion is just about exploring different options and having FUN!

Let me know what you think of these holiday fashion inspirations. Stay tuned for the next post in the Holiday Glamify mini-series, Metallics! Ohh the shine of silver and gold!

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“A little glitz and glamour never hurt anyone.”