DIY Knuckle Rings by IrresistibleIcing

I’ve seen knuckle rings trending all over the web and decided to make my own. It’s surprisingly easy to make and thank goodness because I’m not naturally crafty or artistic. LOL I was inspired to make this DIY project from this video posted by Nicole Guerriero.

Supplies You Need

You can pick up any of these supplies at Michaels, AC Moore, or even Walmart! Don’t forget to use a coupon if you go to Michaels or AC Moore! I love to save some money!

  • Craft Wire
  • Wire Cutters
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Flat Nose Pliers


You Also Need

  • Something round like a tube of mascara or lip gloss.

DIY Knuckle Ring Instructions

1. Cut 2-3 inches of wire. It’s better to cut too much then not enough!

2. Wrap the wire around the tube of mascara to smooth out the wire.


3. Snip the ends off of the wire.

4. Fit the wire onto your finger to make sure the size is correct.

5. Slide the ring back on the tube of mascara.

6. Using the flat nose pliers, twist each end of the wire into a tiny loop. This prevents the wire from poking your finger.

DIY Knuckle Rings

7. Place the ring on your finger and fold down the loops so that they are flush with your skin.

That’s it! These are so fun and easy to make! Leave a pic on my Facebook page if you make these so I can see!

DIY Knuckle RingsDIY Knuckle Rings

A glass of wine while making this is optional but I highly recommend it!


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