Welcome to my new weekly installment, “Mimi’s Ferris Wheel.”  Another term for Ferris Wheel is an Observation Wheel. This weekly post will be just that. My observations. Good and Bad. Hope your ready for the ride!
The Luck Factor – Do you have any? Do you believe in it? I’ll go with a little bit of A & a little bit of B!

♥ Inspiration Boards – OMG, there’s an actual group on Flickr. Yea, I’m a bit obsessed these days! I’m in the process of creating my own!

Day Zero – Yea, I should add this to my to-do list. Seriously, there isn’t enough there already!

Pugly Pixel – Loving this blog right now. Lots of inspiration plus FREE clip art. Awesome!

Disney Confessions! – I always knew that working at Disney was much like working for a cult. Seriously. That place is wrapped up pretty tight. Check out this former “cast members” confessions!

People of Walmart – Please do not ever show up on this site. I really do LMAO when I look at this. I have it on my favorites. Love it!

RIP Golden Girl, Blanche – She was my favorite. I love that show. I actually watch the reruns all the time! Poor Betty White is the last one standing.

Hollywood Transformers – What do you think? Was it worth it?

Bling Diva Designs – Oh yea, blinged out wedding cake toppers. I NEED one of these!

” Hey Allie, you want to ride the Ferris wheel?
 ~ The Notebook ~

Let me know what you think of Mimi’s Ferris Wheel.

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