September is tomorrow!  That means it’s the unofficial end of Summer and the holidays are coming. 2020 has been unlike any other year in our lifetime. That doesn’t mean you need to trash the remaining FOUR months and say f&ck it to creating the life you crave. Nothing magical happens in January. You are either making a decision to get a head start on the life you deserve or your falling behind for another four months. Your choice. If not now, when?

If Not Now, When Will You Stop Waiting for the Weight?

Things Discussed in This Episode

  • How you’re wasting time zombie walking through the year.
  • It should not be a surprise that the seasons and months are changing.
  • You need to stop using Covid-19 as an excuse. What was the excuse last year?
  • Why are you choosing to put food before the live that you crave and deserve?
  • How did you spend your summer?  Did you tell yourself it doesn’t matter because NEXT summer you’ll finally be at your goal weight and all this “Covid stuff” will be over?
  • There are FOUR full months of 2020 left. How are you going to spend them? Are you going to throw in the towel and say “I’ll start over in January?”
  • WTF does January have to do with anything? Why would you WASTE another four months? You could be a different person by then.
  • All the 2020 chaos that’s going on isn’t going to magically go away because it’s 2021.
  • Stop looking for a magical unicorn to fall from the sky with the perfect time for you to start loving yourself and lose the emotional weight.
  • I want you to come over to the free podcast discussion group on Facebook and leave a post answering this question: How do you want to feel on New Years Eve…December 31st, 2020? 

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