Something happened today that I don’t think has EVER happened in my 32 years. I forgot I had leftovers. Pretty much a big deal considering this post I wrote awhile back.

My husband and I went out to dinner last night (and a haunted hayride) for our 3 year wedding anniversary. We had Mexican and Margaritas because it’s kind of become a tradition. There’s this Mexican place we both love right around the corner from the Haunted Hunt Club. I need a buzz before I attempt to scare myself to death lol. And yes, those monsters made a spectacle of me in front of everyone. I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in years!

I should add that these are actually “Skinny Margaritas” and they were amazing!

Anyways. Back to the point of the story.

So like always I had left overs because I hardly ever finish my meal when we go out. I put them in the fridge last night and went off to bed. That in itself is a RARITY!

So this morning/afternoon I kept thinking about what I was going to do for lunch because it’s the end of the week and we are out of everything. I even contemplated running out to Chick Fil A but then I kept thinking about how greasy it is and I don’t want to feel like a bloated sea hag for Halloween. 

I thought why don’t I make some rice in the rice cooker and I can add some egg beaters to it. Yea, that sounds irresistible, right? Ugh, not really. Just being creative with what I had on hand and desperately trying to avoid running out for fast food.

So I made my rice and egg beaters and had everything ready to go in the bowl. Now what makes me even more odd is that I like to put spray butter in this ridiculous concoction. I went looking for it in the fridge and that’s when it happened . .  .

I saw the leftover box! Sitting there all by it’s lonesome waiting for some company.

I absolutely and totally forgot all about it . . . until that moment.

I don’t know if it’s the excitement of Halloween today that made me forget or just a miracle but I’ll count this as a win!

Last night before dinner/hayride. I really need a new hair style besides this bun I’ve been rocking for months now. Any suggestions for a girl with frizzy, curly hair?

Happy Halloween!