Frosty 5K Virginia Beach

Sorry for the crappy pics…I only had my phone. I really need a smart camera that I can take on the go.

I still can’t believe I finished my first 5K on Saturday. You have no idea how weird that is for me to even say! I was NEVER the running type and used every excuse in the book why:

  • I have a bad knee
  • My boobs are too big
  • I just straightened my hair (no really I’ve used this one a bunch of times)
  • It hurts
  • I can’t breath

Well all of those “excuses” are  true but I pushed through them.

Do I still hate running?


Will I continue running?

Ummmm. Maybe? Maybe Not? Ugh.

I really can’t see myself getting into the whole 5K thing on a regular basis. Sorry guys, I totally don’t find it “addicting.” lol. I will continue to walk, workout, and maybe even run a mile here and there. There’s no way I want to lose the momentum now.

So more about race day . . . The day started super early and it was really exciting seeing all the runners dressed up in different Christmas themed costumes. The energy was so high! I did LOVE that part. Here we are before the madness started!

Frosty 5K Virginia Beach

When we crossed the starting line, I still couldn’t believe we were actually running this thing!!! Of course, the faster people breezed past us but I didn’t let that bother me. This wasn’t about time. BUT, we were passing people too. Ummm, what???????

Half way through the 5K, wanted to die. I felt like I wanted to just pass out. I wanted to puke. BUT, I refused to give up! I didn’t want all those weeks of training to be for nothing.

Danielle (my running buddy) and I crossed the finish line at 49 minutes. We ran all 3 miles without stopping. I’m so glad I had her there to keep me motivated! You really should get a buddy if you plan on doing this. It works!!!

I swear, I never thought I was going to see that finish line. BUT, when we crossed it together, it felt AMAZING!! It was such a sense of accomplishment. I finally accomplished a fitness goal that I set for myself and I have the medal to prove it! Nobody can ever take that feeling away from me!

Frosty 5K Finish Line

I know 3 miles may not seem like a lot to some and 49 minutes may seem slower than molasses to another. BUT for my journey this is a huge accomplishment. I could never even run half a mile. I never passed those stupid fitness tests in school. I hated them.

I still have a love/hate relationship with running but I am so thankful for what it has done for me on so many levels.

Oh and of course it’s always worth it at the end for the free beer and t heafter party!

Frosty 5K After Party

“The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.”
~John Bingham