So many of you told me that the Irresistible You podcast episode, Are You Gonna Wear the Shorts or Nah? really encouraged you to finally wear shorts for the first time in years. I also know that it feels scary and you’re not sure where to start when you’ve gone years without wearing shorts.

How To Wear Shorts When You Hate Your Legs. 4 Super Secret Tips!

I wore shorts for the first time in YEARS back in 2015 when I fell in love with kayaking.  When I was in high school, I wore shorts but I was always self-conscious about my legs. I remember folding this picture in half and cutting my legs off because I couldn’t stand how big they were. I thought they were awful. I look at those legs now and see legs that are strong, beautiful, cellulite free, and holy tan!

You have to start appreciating and loving the body you have now…not waiting for that self-acceptance to arrive when you get to your goal weight. Trust me. Once you get to your goal weight, you’ll still find things you hate about your body and no amount of weight loss is ever going to be enough if you don’t do the work NOW…on the weight loss journey.

Do This First!

Make sure to listen to the podcast episode: Are You Gonna Wear the Shorts or Nah? This is all about the mindset behind wearing shorts and accepting your body.

Tip #1: Buy a Pair of Shorts You Love

You need a good fitting pair of shorts that give you the coverage you’re comfortable with. You don’t have to wear a pair of Daisy Dukes! There are so many other styles and lengths available to choose from. Bermuda shorts are a great starter pair and they are super trendy right now. My favorite are the denim Lee Riders brand which you can find at Walmart.  I also love Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. They are both super stretchy and comfortable. Don’t worry about what size they are. Nobody but you is going to see that! Rip the damn tag out if it makes you that anxious.

Tip # 2: Wear Shorts at Home First

If you’ve gone years without wearing shorts, putting them on and going out in public is going to feel scary. Start out by wearing them around the house first. I know this sounds weird but hear me out! This will get you comfortable wearing shorts and seeing your legs out. Do things around the house in them, walk past the mirror, bend over, sit down, etc. Then, slowly ease into wearing them into public. Go to the grocery store first or to get gas. Just take baby steps and don’t overwhelm yourself. Trying to do it all perfectly is what sets you up for failure. It takes practice to get to a place where you feel confident and love yourself.

Tip # 3: Exfoliate, Shave & Self-Tan!

When you take care of yourself and take the time to look good, you’ll feel good. It’s important that we take pride in our appearance when we’re working on body image and confidence. Exfoliate, shave, and get you a good self-tanner for your legs. A little pedicure never hurt nobody either!

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Tip # 4: Balance it Out

A top secret trick to feel confident wearing shorts is to balance your top with long sleeves. If you haven’t worn shorts since the 90’s, going full shorts and tank top will make you want to run screaming from the dressing room. Start out with wearing a looser top with long sleeves. To hot for all that mess? Wear a tank top but put a kimono on top. Kimonos are great for the summer heat because they are light weight with enough coverage for your arms and long enough to cover your butt. You can find tons of cute styles online at Amazon.

Bam! Now, you’re ready to go flaunt yourself in some shorts, girl! You got this.

Let me know down in the comments if you’re taking the plunge and wearing shorts this summer.

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