Can you believe this is the week of Thanksgiving? The holiday season is officially here. This is a magical, sparkly time of year but it’s also triggering when you’re an emotional eater. 

​​From this week until the new year, it seems as though there is a never ending food fest with dinners, parties, obligations, and events with people you haven’t seen in months or years. 

I spent so many years where I literally binged my way through November and December, vowing to start over again in the new year. When the new year came around I was already 15 pounds heavier because of that decision. 

​​​​How many years have you binged your way through November and December?

How To Stop Losing Control During the Holidays

It’s like “I’m nowhere near my goal weight and I can’t change much in two months or one month, so fuck it. I’ll just get back on the wagon in January.” Except that’s what you tell yourself every year…so you essentially are gaining and losing the same 15 pounds over and over again and beating yourself up because you feel like a failure. 

Listen. It’s not so much about the abundance of holiday comfort food that leads to the weight gain.  It’s about the emotional bullshit that comes up when Aunt Betty makes passive aggressive comments about your weight in front of the entire family. It’s about your asshole drunk uncle and his off-color remarks that fill you up with embarrassment and rage. It’s about feeling obligated to buy gifts for people who don’t really give a shit about you. It’s about you not actually enjoying the holiday season because of all that. 

Even when you’ve gone to therapy, worked with a coach, and invested in your personal development, these holiday events can trigger you. Going “home” or being around certain people brings up emotions that you don’t understand. 

The food doesn’t just show up. The weight doesn’t just show up. ​​​​​

The weight shows up from the decisions you make around food. You’re making those decisions because you’re triggered by stepping back in time to old familiar places. You just didn’t realize it or want to admit it. So, blaming your holiday weight gain on food is a good excuse. It’s safe. It’s surface level. But, I want you to actually pay attention this time. To how you’re feeling. To WHY you’re eating three servings of grandma’s pie. To check-in with yourself. To protect your energy and boundaries at all costs.

You’re not going to “just” lose control. You are in full control of how the rest of this year goes. You are in control of how many slices of pie go in your mouth. You are in control of how you deal with the crazy chaos from family and friends. You are in control of how you think and speak to yourself.  

You’re in control over whether you embrace this season as magical and sparkly…or miserable and ​​dreadful. 

It’s time to take back your power. You get to be the author of your own story. The creator of your holiday movie. Now, that is empowering. ⠀

You need to change the way you think and talk to yourself. You need to recognize that losing control or not is 100% within your own power. 

Please tune into this week’s Irresistible You podcast episode (#58) to learn how to stop losing control during Thanksgiving and the holiday season.

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How To Stop Losing Control During the Holidays

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