Many of you in my community are on a weight loss journey, have lost weight, or want to lose weight. Whether you’re on an active weight loss journey or not, this episode is for you. This is an issue that applies to anyone struggling with body image issues. Losing weight and getting to your goal doesn’t eliminate this issue unless you proactively address it and work on it.

I’m talking about placing all of your self-worth to the results and the number on the scale.

How To Stop Attaching Your Self-Worth to the Scale

I vividly remember the day I had this “aha” moment. I had been basing all of my happiness according to how much I weighed, how much I was losing, and what size I was in. I could look at any picture from my lifetime and tell you exactly how much I weighed, what diet I was on, what size I was, and how I was feeling about my body in that moment. That’s when it hit me that I clumped together memories and classified them as good or bad based on how “good” I was doing with the scale going down.

That’s also when I realized this behavior had to stop!

So let’s talk about when you’re actively losing weight for a second. I weigh in weekly. This keeps me accountable. I use the results and the scale as a tool…but it’s only one tool in the toolbox! I wasn’t always that way. When you’re losing weight, you’re going to have week where you KILL it with losing weight. Then, you’re going to have weeks where you bust your ass and the scale stays the same. There’s also going to be weeks where <GASP>, the scale goes up. This is just the way the game goes. The problem is that we only want to celebrate when the scale goes down. So what about when it doesn’t or goes up? We go back into the pity party victim mindset which sets us up for self-sabotage.

First things first, you need to recognize and accept that this is part of the journey. Secondly, you have to find other ways to feel successful and worthy that are not dependent upon the results of the scale.

Years ago, I was getting dressed and I was totally feeling myself. My makeup was looking bomb, my hair was fierce, and I was totally feeling how I looked in my outfit. Then, I went downstairs. I got on the scale. It was up. In that moment, the warm wave of shame and guilt washed over my body and I could feel my cheeks getting hot. I was so pissed and disappointed. This ruined my entire day. Even though, just a minute before I thought I looked hot.

I have many other memories just like this and so do my clients. This is why it’s critical that you pay attention to what I’m about to tell you. You will waste more years of your life, sitting on the sidelines because the scale has made you its bitch.That’s right. An inanimate object sitting on your bathroom floor is controlling your every move.

It’s important to have other areas of this journey that you can measure so that you aren’t dumping all of your hopes and dreams into that weigh-in. When you have goals and other things you’re focusing on, it makes you feel accomplished. It also takes the obsession out of losing weight and starts to <GASP AGAIN> finally make this ALL part of your new lifestyle.

In the episode, I walk you through what a typical day looks like for me. When I’m fully in the zone and practicing all of these things I’m about teach you, I feel amazing. I feel like I’m unstoppable.  I want to share with you some of the things I do and that I teach inside of my signature course, Irresistible You that will help you to stop attaching your self-worth to the scale.

1. Create Consistency

Notice that I said consistency…not perfection. Consistency means creating daily and weekly routines that allow you to stay structured. You need consistency so that you can bounce back from a gain and celebrate a loss without being on an extreme emotional roller coaster. Consistency gets you ahead of the unplanned chaos that IS going to happen.

For me, this means waking up early (3-4 hours before my family) to do my morning routine. During this time, I get dressed, do my makeup and hair, write in my morning journal, practice gratitude, and writing for my business. Crossing off a ton of stuff on my list by 9am feels amazing!  Staying consistent and getting in the zone makes me WANT to eat healthy and not give into a binge later.

2. Plan and Track Meals Ahead of Time

Most of y’all know that I follow Weight Watchers as my eating plan of choice. It gives me structure and consistency. Well, I plan out and track all of my meals and snacks the night before. Otherwise, if I don’t meal plan, it’s easier for me to give in and allow the day and the circumstances of that day to control me. For example, recently a client of mine had a super busy day with her work followed by a super stressful and agitating experience with her child’s father and her ex-husband. This led her straight to the fast food drive thru for fried food, a milk shake, and cookies in front of the TV watching Netflix. Here’s the deal. We can’t predict what life is going to throw at us. What we can do is to set up our day to the best of our ability. If food is your weakness and your go-to, then you need to plan accordingly for days like this because they’re going to happen.

3. Celebrate Non Scale Victories

A non-scale victory is exactly what it sounds like. It’s celebrating things you’ve accomplished that are not based on the results of the scale. Example? Choosing grilled chicken over fried chicken, sticking to your meal plan, stepping out of the shower and being able to wrap the towel around your body, etc.  Be sure to share your non-scale victories with us in the free Irresistible You Facebook Group. We love to celebrate with you!

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Comment Time! What are you implementing ASAP to stop attaching your self-worth to the scale?

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