Happy New Year!  Are you ready to finally get a grip on emotional eating, love your body, and create an irresistible life? 2016 is your year!

I’ve dubbed this year “Sweet 16.” What else would a girl with blog called “Irresistible Icing” call it?!

This year it’s time to finally become who you really want to be. Stop waiting for some day. Trust me, some day isn’t going to come.  I’m here to share my story and provide you with the tools to start creating an irresistible life. BUT you have to do the work. You have to decide to make it irresistible. Nobody is going to do it for you!

How To Have an Irresistibly Sweet 16 by IrresistibleIcing.com

Let’s start with 5 things you can do ASAP to have an irresistibly sweet ‘16!

1. Do a Brain Dump

Before you do anything else, get out a pen and paper. Do a “brain dump” and write down everything that’s on your mind.  Your mind is a powerful place and until you start clearing out the clutter it’s going to feel chaotic. After I do a brain dump, I get all of my “to-dos” organized in Trello.

2. Get to the Grocery Store

If you’re trying to stop the cycle of emotional eating and binge eating disorder, you need a plan. Arm yourself with healthy foods that you don’t have to think about. Grocery shopping is how I start each and every week. When I’m busy and overwhelmed, I can’t make clear decisions about food. Stocking my kitchen up with my “safe” foods sets me up for success.

3. Schedule “Me” Time

You HAVE to schedule time for yourself. My free workbook download, “30 Ways to Look and Feel Irresistible Now” is full of ideas to get you started. Your body and your brain needs a break away from all your obligations to recharge. Stepping away is the best way to stay motivated and creative!

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4. Clean Yo’ Closet!

Start cleaning out your closet to make space for your irresistible life. Physical looks are only one piece of the pie but a fierce wardrobe and a beat face gives me confidence.  Respect yourself enough to put some effort into how you present yourself to the world. Last year I cleaned out my closet and realized there was a big connection between my old clothes and my weight loss journey.

5. Take a Walk

Guess what? You’re the same person on January 1st that you were on New Years Eve. Shocking! I know. Start small. Don’t expect to become a fitness model 2 weeks into the New Year because you set a goal to finally lose weight in 2016. Last year I took it slow and I lost 25lbs. I’m down a total of 50 and have another 50 to go. That’s not so overwhelming anymore.

Start by just walking. Just walk. It clears your mind, gets the blood flowing, and has a few other healthy “side effects.” When I walk, I end up with all kinds of creative ideas and just being outside and spending time with Chuy inspires me!

Are You Ready for 2016?

Let’s make 2016 the year you finally become Irresistible You! How are you planning for an irresistibly “sweet” ‘16? Leave a comment down below or tag me on social media using #IrresistibleYou.

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