This episode is for you if you constantly tell yourself, “I know what to do to lose weight but I’m just not doing it. I guess I just don’t want it bad enough.” I don’t think you have an issue with wanting to lose weight.  The issue isn’t “how bad do you want it” but rather why do you deserve it? What kind of life are you holding hostage by not losing the weight? It comes down to you not having a why. You keeping yourself running on the yo-yo diet/body hate shame cycle because you don’t have a set of compelling reasons. In this episode, I’m defining what a “why” is, why you need it to lose weight for the last time, and how to create your why.

How To Find Your WHY to Lose Weight for the Last Time

  • Weight loss needs to come from a place of self-love, not from a place of hating yourself.
  • Weight loss shouldn’t be a form of punishment. Think about all the ways you’ve tried to lose weight in the past. I doubt they were done with compassion and empathy. I doubt any of them addressed the emotional weight you’re carrying.
  • We don’t get to goal weight and then suddenly feel this overwhelming sense of self-love and respect. You get to your goal weight or close to it and find a way to self-sabotage yourself because you don’t feel worthy. You don’t know who the fuck you would be without weight loss as your obsession and focus. When you take all of that away, what’s left?
  • If you haven’t done the emotional work that’s required, then of course you keep gaining and losing and you sit there and think you’re a failure with a willpower issue.
  • It comes down to you not having a why. You keeping yourself running on the yo-yo diet/body hate shame cycle because you don’t have a set of compelling reasons.
  • What is a why? Your why needs to be a set of compelling reasons that prevent you from quitting on yourself. It’s a list that gives you ammunition when the inner fat bitch shows up.
  • Anybody can feel motivated after listening to a podcast or after reading a self-help book or when meal planning on Pinterest. Then why does that motivation go away when you’re tired, stressed out, and in the thick of living your life if you want this so bad?
  •  In the moment, sitting on the couch eating cheesecake is always going to feel easier and will always win the battle when you haven’t determined your why.
  • So, you sit around waiting for a sign to drop out of the sky or looking for the next shiny diet so that you can get a fresh start. How many of you are sittin there waiting for the new year to start over?
  • You don’t need a sign or some epiphany that comes to you before you decide to lose weight.
  • Having one super compelling why is not enough. If you’ve been fat (and an emotional eater) your entire life, you have more than one reason why you want to lose weight.
  • Your set of whys are personal and there is no right or wrong answer.
  • Fitting into a certain size by a self-imposed deadline is not a long term sustaining why.
  • Your list of compelling whys needs to be top of mind so that you see it on purpose every single day. Set it up in a note on your phone with an alarm that you check daily or write it down and put it somewhere in your house where it’s in your face.
  • How to find your why? Do a “why” brainstorm with no judgment.
  • Don’t censor yourself. Don’t write down what you “think” you should say.
  • I started my list again now that I’m on my journey to drop the pregnancy weight. So far, I have over 40 whys or compelling reasons.
  • Your whys will evolve over time. I noticed this as I created my new list.


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How To Find Your WHY to Lose Weight for the Last Time

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