One of the questions I get all the time as a confidence coach is how to feel confident about your body. I specifically had a member in my Facebook group ask “How can I feel confident about my body on the days when the mantras and positive affirmations just aren’t cutting it?”  I totally get it. There are days when you just aren’t feeling yourself and there aren’t enough positive affirmations or mantras to make it better.

I wish that this was a black and white answer. I wish that I could tell you to put on your Spanx, your little black dress, some heels, slap some lipstick on and go conquer the world. If only it was that easy.

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How To Feel Confident About Your Body (when the mantras ain’t cutting it!)

Bottom Line? You’re not going to feel confident every single day. I’m going to explain this and five ways to feel confident about your body…when the mantras just ain’t cutting it! This post is a summarized version of everything covered in the coordinating podcast. I recommend tuning into the podcast for further, it’s more fun to listen to me rant and rave anyways!

1. Change Your Expectations about Confidence

There’s a misconception that once you feel confident, you’re going to always feel confident. That’s the problem! You have to change your expectations about confidence.  You aren’t going to feel yourself everyday. Confidence is having a fierce belief in yourself and an insane amount of self-awareness. A confident woman knows that there are going to be “low” days. When you reach this point, having an off day doesn’t rock you to your core. You understand that today isn’t such a great day but this isn’t fundamentally who you are.

2. Be Consistent & Build Momentum

Confidence is a muscle that you have to work out every single day. Just like building abs, you have to strength train consistently. The only way to build a muscle is to consistently build momentum. You get there by starting small and working up to where you want to be. You don’t go from hating your body to feeling like Beyonce overnight. It’s a process. Consistency breeds confidence. What is one thing you do today to feel more confident about your body? In the podcast, I talk about momentum from the simple act of taking a shower. This is a basic example but it’s SO true. Especially when you’re depressed about how you look. Please go and listen to this episode as there’s more detail that here in the blog.

3. Create a Routine

You have to create a structure, a framework, or a routine that you can depend on. When you don’t have structure, things feel chaotic. When life is chaotic and unstructured, there’s no foundation to build your confidence. The main excuse I hear when it comes to this step is, “I don’t have time.” None of us do! You have to make time if this is a priority for you. I want you to evaluate where you’re spending your time. Trust me…you’ll find time for the things that matter to you!

The routine is what allows you to build consistency. Part of a good routine is having a framework like Irresistible You. If you’ve never done this before, where do you even begin? The first step is to join the FREE Facebook Group.Then download my free action plan: How to Look & Feel Irresistible At Any Size.

4. Practice Gratitude for Your Body

When you look in the mirror and absolutely hate what you see, how can you possibly feel confident? I’m talking about when you HATE your body. Like you can’t even look in the mirror naked. When you’re in this dark place, you have to go to gratitude for your body. First things first, stop the inner fat girl shit talking about your body. You start with the basic things that most of us take for granted. When you’re standing in a full length mirror looking at your naked body start with this: “I’m so grateful I have eyes that allow me to see and pick apart my body.”  “I’m so grateful that I have legs that let me walk past the mirror.”  When you’re in such a dark place, you have to start here. You can’t go from zero to 100 when you are just learning how to feel confident about your body. This becomes part of your daily routine.

5. Journal Daily

Journaling is how you start ditching the inner fat girl talk. This is how we stop all of the mental clutter and drop the emotional weight that you’re carrying. Journaling is taking the time to stop, think, and write down your feelings. Journaling creates self awareness because it helps you to uncover the why. You’ll never lose the emotional weight until you create this fierce self-awareness. You can use anything to journal but I definitely recommend The Irresistible You Journal because it’s got the #IrresistibleYou framework already built in that helps create consistency and routine.

The only way you’re going to get over the fear, panic, and anxiety about your body is taking the first step. You have to get comfortable being uncomfortable for awhile. This isn’t going to feel good in the beginning.

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