Healthy Choice Greek Frozen Yogurt

Only 2 more days until I call it quits with my gallbladder! Good riddance! I’m so over not being able to eat what I want!

Because of my gallbladder issues that I’ve been having for over a month now, I was a little nervous about the Healthy Choice campaign I’m doing. BUT, when I went to the grocery store to select a meal to try, I was over the moon when I found out they now have Frozen Greek Yogurt! Score!

I’ve been living off of regular Greek Yogurt and I’d probably give my gallbladder and an arm for anything sweet! I miss my desserts! I ALWAYS have dessert after dinner . . . healthy options of course! We won’t even talk about icing right now . . .

I tried the Vanilla Bean flavor and OMG this stuff is totally irresistible! It’s sweet, creamy, and satisfies my sweet tooth! And that’s a big tooth lol.

Healthy Choice Frozen Greek Yogurt

The best part is that I didn’t have a gallbladder attack so I can keep eating this until my surgery on Thursday! Woo Hoo! Oh and of course after surgery since I’ll be on a liquid diet for a few days. Trust me, it’s a keeper!

These are perfect for me because it’s already portioned controlled. Each cup is only 100 calories and 2 grams of fat!  I learned in Weight Watchers to always eat your food in pretty dishes. It makes you appreciate it more!

Healthy Choice Frozen Greek Yogurt

To pack a little more punch (and still keep it gallbladder friendly), you could top it with fresh strawberries and a few graham cracker crumbs.

Did you know that March is frozen food month? Check out this video that is helping shoppers to predict the future of shopping for frozen food!

About ConAgra Foods

ConAgra Foods frozen meals give families access to real ingredients like crunchy, freshly cut vegetables, homemade pasta and ripe fruit year-round. Just like most people blanch veggies before freezing them – ConAgra Foods does too – to help preserve color, texture and keep them fresh!

Give it a try sometime! Marie Callender’s hearty pot pies are filled with tender meat, freshly cut vegetables and Marie’s authentic golden, flaky crust. And Healthy Choice recipes use chef-inspired ingredients like, apples instead of sugar for tart sweetness and a splash of red wine for a punch of flavor instead of added salt.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of ConAgra Foods.