I seriously cannot even believe today is October 1st!!! I swear every year I keep catching myself saying, “but where did this year go???”

Time really does go faster the older you get. They same time flies when you’re having fun . . . is that what this is? Fun?!?

I’m not mad about it one bit. I seriously live all year for this month. I LOVE October!!! Why????

  • The Fall weather!
  • Pumpkins!
  • Halloween!
  • Costumes!
  • Pumpkin Patches!
  • Pumpkin Flavored EVERYTHING!
  • MUMS!!!
  • The color of the leaves!
  • The cool weather. Did I mention that?!
  • Fall Fashion!!!
  • Leggings & Boots!!! Oh how I’ve missed you!
  • Perfectly good hair days!! Again, that cool weather.
  • My husband’s birthday on 10-10! I need to get planning..

And my favorite part of October?!?!

  • Our Wedding Anniversary on 10-30!!! Oooh, I need to get planning some more. It’s really been 2 years already?!
October Masquerade Wedding
october masquerade wedding/
Irresistible Icing - Masquerade Wedding

I swear I come out of hibernation in the Fall. I HATE summer time and hate to sweat!!! I love Fall so much. I want to get out every single day and LIVE it. I want to do all the typical, corny Fall stuff that you can only do for a short period of time. I love this Fall Bucket list….I need to make my own but this is a good start!

In addition to all the fun Fall festivities, I also need to start blogging on here more often . . . and more on a personal level, since this is my personal blog after all. I’ve been spending a lot of time on my other blog, Irresistible Pets. 

I’ll start by talking about yesterday. My husband and I started the day with a delish Salvadorean breakfast. OMG. Totally NOT Weight Watchers friendly! LOL

Then, I had bought tickets to the zoo from Living Social (2 for $10!) and we headed over there afterwards. Our zoo here in VA is so tiny that you can pretty much do the whole thing in under 2 hours lol. Here’s a collage of our day:


The tigers and the giraffes were the highlight of my day!

I hope you have an IRRESISTIBLE October! What plans do you have? I know I have TONS!!!!

PS – Can these stores seriously stop with the Christmas decor?!?! Let us enjoy the Fall season first! Geesh!