“We first make our habits, and then our habits make us.”
~John Dryden~

This quote showed up on my home page today. I went to click on something and then I paused.

This really got my attention. It speaks to the struggle I’m having with weight loss at the moment.

The habits that we have, we created them. We weren’t born with habits. That is a good thing though. If we created them, we can change them.

I actually just met with my doctor and we were discussing why I keep yo-yo’ing with weight loss. Something isn’t clicking in my brain.

I’ve yet to discover what “that” is.

I am an extremely motivated woman in all other aspects of my life. When I put my mind to something, I get what I want. There is no stopping me.
I know I have the capability to lose weight because I’ve done it before. The times that I have been extremely successful, my mind was determined and NOTHING could stop me.

I need that motivation back.

Hellooooo??? Mojo!!!!!!!!!! Where are you????????????

If you find it, please return it back to Mimi. Please and thanks.