Be a GEM just like the celebs this holiday season in a luxurious jewel tone dress!

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The Black Dress

Metallic Tones

I LOVE anything jewel toned. It’s such a fun way to celebrate the holidays!

So, What are Jewel Tones?

Jewel tones are deep, rich hues that resemble gemstones and they evoke elegance and luxury. Just about any gemstone can be replicated through a jewel tone but some are more irresistible than others.

♥ Emerald Green

♥ Amethyst Purple

♥ Sapphire Blue

♥ Turquoise

♥ Ruby Red

♥ Topaz Yellow

Don’t you just love these colors? What’s your favorite? I really love Sapphire this season!

How do I wear a Jewel Tone look?
A classic black dress is great but a jewel toned dress is a great way to make a statement and be irresistible! A lot of women are scared of color because they don’t know how to wear it properly.

♥ Determine what colors work best for your skin tone, eyes and hair. How? Try something on. It might look wretched on the hanger but irresistible on you!

♥ Avoid head to toe color. It’s better to mix and match. Otherwise, it becomes overwhelming. This can be done by offsetting the color with a handbag, earrings, shoes, etc.

♥ Not into wearing a cocktail dress? Take a black pencil skirt and pair it with a jewel toned top. This is an ultra-slimming look.

♥ Jewel tones can also be incorporated with a solid black dress. Black dress with emerald or sapphire heels is divine!

Real Fashion
You can tell I’m a fan of jewel tones because I have a few throwback fashion pics to share with you!


I wore this to a wedding in April 2010. I paired this with metallic silver heels.

I wore this to a wedding in May 2010. I bought this dress from JCP for $30!

I wore this to my company holiday party in 2009. I paired the dress with a different pair of metallic silver heels and a matching clutch.

Coming Soon! Lady in Red!
Learn how to be the Lady in Red in the next post of Glamify the Holidays!

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“Jewelry takes people’s minds off your wrinkles.”
~Sonja Henie~