Fashion Friday: SHOES!!!!
My “Something Blue” pumps that I wore on my wedding day!

One of my favorite topics: SHOES! I am such a shoe addict. I will find outfits based on a pair of shoes. Obsessed much? You bet I am!

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1.What is your go-to pair of shoes?

It depends on the situation. I’ve learned the hard way over the years that flats are ok. I will rock a cute pair of flats or sandals during the day if I have a lot of walking to do. I won’t sacrifice fashion, but I will make sure my feet are comfy!

For going out on the town, my shoes like to go all out too!

I LOVE my Graciela pumps from ShoeDazzle!

2. What goes into your shoe buying decisions?

♥ Irresistible Factor

♥ Price

♥ Comfort

I adore these sparkly heels from Michael Kohrs. They are so fun. I even have the matching clutch!

3. The majority of the shoes in your closet are what color?

Oh wow.  I seriously have a rainbow of colors in my closet. You name, I have it. I LOVE colored shoes. Shoes should be fun, irresistible, and conversation starters!

I love Gold! I have 3 brand new pairs of these that I’m selling. Interested? Shop my closet here!

I mean, I did wear royal blue pumps under my wedding dress 😉

4. When it comes to designer shoes what are your favorite brands and why?

This might come to a surprise to some . . . I don’t have a fav brand. I just go for what looks cute, comfy, and fits into my budget.

I do love these pink pumps that I wore during my bridal shower. This is me and my mama! Happy Mother’s Day weekend!

5. If price wasn’t an issue, you’d own which shoe?

Well, since you’re paying! I would love to own a pair Christian Louboutin’s like these!

And now, I leave you with one of my favorite songs. Enjoy!

“Men I may not know, but shoes, shoes I know.”
~Carrie Bradshaw~