I was overwhelmed with the response from January’s calendar that it looks like the monthly Irresistibly You calendars are a keeper! Just like last month’s calendar, you can print it out OR use it as your desktop wallpaper.

What is everyone saying about the Irresistibly You Calendar
Check out what some of the Irresistible Icing readers had to say about the debut of the calendar in January!

Kamila said… “Weeeh Mimi.. this is so cool! I love it! I love it so much…!”

Philosophia said… “Totally loving this calendar – very creative. So useful and motivating.”

Liz Marie said . . .”This Calander was such a cute idea, love it! I will for sure be printing one out!!”

Stephanie said  . . . “This is a very creative and cute calendar though! It will definitely will keep me on my toes!”

I’m Just the Mom said . . .“I can’t wait for February!”

Iris said . . .  I LOVE this I have posted it as my background! on my Macbook!”

Carissa said . . . Love It…I printed mine out! I may post it at work!”

Maopa said . . . “I love your January calendar! Can’t wait to see February:) Great tips btw.”

It’s Here! The February 2011 Irresistibly YOU Calendar?

1. Option 1 – Print the Calendar
Just click the link below that says “print.” It’s really that simple!

Irresistibly You Calendar – February 2011

2. Option 2 – Desktop Wallpaper
Want this as your desktop background? Click on the image, right click and “Set as background.”

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Have an Irresistible and love infused February!

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