Last night in our Weight Watcher’s meeting, my leader ended the meeting with this quote:

“If hunger is not the problem, then food is not the answer.”

Wow. I’ve been pondering that ever since I left the meeting. We talked about emotional eating and trying to figure out the “why” behind why we use food to cope with our feelings.

Obviously, I don’t know the answer or I wouldn’t still be battling this disease. Even when I find the answer, I’ll still be in a fight but at least I’ll know how to fight.

If I’m not physically hungry, then what is driving me to eat?

I’m really trying this week to tune into those feelings and figure that out, for me. I found this cool little “Snack Attack” flow chart on Pinterest today. Perhaps ‘I’ll try this the next time I have the urge!


If you have any insight on what personally drives you to eat without hunger, I’d love to know!


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