I had my first weekly weigh on of 2015 and I’m really happy with how the year is starting off! I haven’t posted a weigh in since December 5th but the last time I actually weighed myself was a few days before Christmas at my doctor’s appointment. I was already starting to get that “fear of the scale” because I had gone 2 full weeks without knowing. I have found that NOT weighing myself on a weekly basis is one of the reasons I’ll start gaining weight back. The saying “ignorance is bliss” is NOT a true statement when it comes to weight loss.

First Weight Watchers Weigh In of 2015

For me, getting on the scale is accountability. It’s knowing that the work I’m putting in is working or not. It’s a quick reality check to either get back on track or keep doing what I’m doing. When I don’t know, I’m not aware and when I’m not aware it’s not top of mind. I mentioned in my New Years post that my weight loss journey must be my first priority.

I’m down 2 lbs since the holidays! I’m really happy with this! That’s a total of 28.4 lbs since April 2014. This has been a slow weight loss this time around but it’s working and it’s lasting. I feel more in control now than ever before and I realize it’s up to me and me only which direction this goes.

I did have a few emails asking me what type of scale I use at home. I have this one from Weight Watchers.

Weight Watchers Weight Tracker January 8 2015

My short-term goal is get back to ONEderland by Valentine’s Day. That’s pretty aggressive but it’s doable. Even if I’m not 199 exactly, at least I’ll be pretty darn close! I’ve started working with a Weight Watchers personal coach and that is really helping! It’s amazing what the support from another person can do for your journey!

How’s your weight loss journey going? Let me know down in the comments below.

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