I feel like I’ve been on a diet since I was in the womb. As far back as I can remember (yes, we are talking back to elementary school), I’ve said, “I’ll start over tomorrow.”
Only to disappoint myself.
Why do I do these things?
How can the one thing I want so bad be so hard?
I guess on the bright side, the important part is I’ve never truly given up.
I’ve done it before which means I have the strength and capability to do it again.
The painful question to ask yourself is “Would you ever disappoint someone else the way you disappoint yourself?”
The answer for me is NO! I don’t like letting anyone down. I like to go above and beyond.
Sooo, why have I allowed myself to disappoint ME for so many years?
Enough is Enough. I deserve more. So do you!

“How long do you try? Until.”