If you follow me on Facebook, then you know that I often post images/sayings about body image.

The other day, I (innocently) posted this pic comparing the Dove Real Beauty campaign to the Victoria’s Secret’s Love My Body campaign.

I had no idea how much controversial discussion this would bring. In fact, it’s been the most “liked” pic on my Facebook page of all time! It has 160+ likes, 30+ shares, and over 17 comments.

So, What? 

I decided that I wouldn’t engage in the conversation that was going on in the comments. I’d rather write a blog because I had too much to say!

A little bit of background: All of those likes and comments? Well, a lot of them came from people that don’t follow my blog or “like” me on Facebook. Hence, the reason I suppose it sparked the comments it did.

See, my readers at Irresistible Icing know that I write about body image for women that have struggled with being overweight, like myself. I don’t know anything about being skinny. I don’t know what that feels like. I have no clue . What I do know is that ALL women struggle with body image issues and have insecurities. Be it fat or skinny. End of story. I do get THAT.

Back to the comments. The comments started out by someone saying that because she is thin, she must not be “REAL.”

That is NOT what I took away from the picture.

My takeaway, which again is based on my life experiences, was this:

It was damn refreshing for Dove to take a chance and use REAL women (not models) to represent their brand. So, by the word “REAL”, it is not to insinuate that skinny women aren’t real. It was meant to demonstrate that real, every day women can also be portrayed in the media as beautiful. Not just models.

The models from VS ALL look the same, are the same height and even have the same type of hair! The “Real” women are ALL different!!! A much better illustration of what society is really like. Not what some Euro-trash snob in LA deems is socially acceptable!

They were illustrating that every body is beautiful. For me personally, all I’ve ever seen my whole life on TV, magazines, etc is THIN & TALL women. And girl, I’m neither of those things. How the fuck is that supposed to make me feel? I was/is the short, chunky girl with curly hair. NOWHERE was that socially acceptable beauty.

Fat or Skinny- We are ALL real women! Read more at IrresistibleIcing.com

Do I think that the media dictates your self esteem? No…and Yes. It today’s world, it DOES have something to do with it. Especially when young girls are developing eating disorders because of it. That is unacceptable and is whole other blog.

So, the point is when you start seeing images of women that you can identify with, it feels liberating. You feel normal! You feel like a beautiful human being.

I do believe that the body bashing between thin and thick women needs to stop! How can you say you accept your body if all you ever do is critique others? I believe that anyone can be irresistible; it’s all a matter of attitude, confidence, and self-esteem.

If I show pics on my blog of mostly curvy models, that’s my choice. That’s just my preference because that is what I identify with. That helps me tell MY story. It helps me accept my flaws and my assets!

My point is this – Every body type is REAL. No particular body shape or type is better than another. As women, we really need to stop the us against them mentality, stop being bitches, and start being a little nicer.

Media as a whole needs to start using all different types of bodies to portray their products. After all, that’s who’s using them! Right?

“One day I had to sit down with myself and decide that I loved myself no matter what my body looked like and what other people thought about my body. I got tired of hating myself.”
~Gabourey Sidibe~


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