I’m sick and tired of so called experts in the body image and body positivity space pretending that they know what it feels like to walk a day in the shoes of a “fat girl.” They don’t get to share our stories. They don’t get to pretend to get it. There are some dangerous things being said and I’m here to share my opinions which are not always the most popular…and I’m more than ok with that.  I DO know what it feels like and I DO know why a lot of their advice is total BS!

Fat Girl Problems

I have seen so many people jumping on the train around body positivity, body image, emotional eating, and binge eating because they think it’s popular. They are in it for pageviews. They are in it just for the dollars. I’m here doing what I do because I have lived it and I will live this journey for the rest of my life. I get it. I TOTALLY get it. What I’m talking about today is not just about body image. Body image issues are an epidemic. They effect ALL women regardless of their weight. What I’m talking about and talking to is the token “fat girl” who has actually struggled with her weight all of her life.

I’m talking about the women who have tried a million diets and their weight is not just a vanity thing.  It’s actually affecting their quality of life. The women who know what it feels like to cry in a dressing room because nothing fits. The women who are terrified to try anything because there might be a weight limit. The women who know the pain and humiliation their weight has caused them. I’m talking to the women who have been called, fat girl, fat bitch, whale, tub of lard, pig, and any other disgusting comment related to their weight.

I am hearing way too many wanna be experts telling us to:

  1. Just eat intuitively.
  2. Health at every size exists!
  3. Intentional weight loss is wrong!

I’m calling bullshit on all three of these things. You’ll have to tune into the podcast because I’m fired up! Writing doesn’t do this justice!

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Fat Girl Problems. The Don't Understand.

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