Daylight Savings Time and the start of Spring has my head spinning with a dash of anxiety.  I love Spring but the year is flying by so fast that I’m feeling like I have no say in the matter. I guess I actually don’t. Time is a selfish bitch that waits for nobody. Nobody gets a special gift of bonus time. No matter how hard you work, time doesn’t care. You can always make more money but you can never make more time.

The older I get and the more responsibilities I have, the faster time seems to be pushing me along. I’m not ready for you, Spring! I’m not ready to lose an hour of sleep. I’m not ready to see all those tiny bathing suits at Target the minute I walk in. I’m not ready to give up leggings and long sweaters. I’m still trying to get organized for 2017! I’M NOT READY!

Ready or not time marches on.

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Why talk about Daylight Savings Time and a lack of time on a blog that’s about emotional eating and body image? Because they have everything to do with those topics! I emotionally eat when I’m stressed and anxious. The feeling of time crushing me with a steam roller is definitely stirring up those feelings!

I needed a moment to stop and catch my breath. I sat and thought about why I was having rage fits with Father Time. I put together five “antidotes” to crush emotional eating when time is moving way too fast.

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Hey You, Slow The EFF Down!

Do you ever feel like time is literally slipping through your fingers? This feeling comes from having too much to do and not enough time to do it all. When things get busy the days feels like they’re an hour long. I HATE that feeling. When you are going a million miles a minute you don’t have time to LIVE and appreciate life. When that feeling starts, take a minute to breathe and slow down. This is why I like to create bucket lists so that I don’t forget to enjoy the seasons.

  • Enjoy and appreciate the small things.
  • Re-evaluate your to-do lists.
  • Learn how to say no. Can you really afford to take on one more thing?
  • Remember: You’re one person. You can only take on so much before you explode.

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Surrender to the Season

Sometimes it is what it is mother effing is. You can’t do anything else but surrender to the season of your life. I work full time as the Director of Community Education for BlogPaws. I run two blogs as a business. I have a four month old baby and a Chihuahua. Then sprinkle that with adulting responsibilities. I JUST went back to work 2 months ago after having my daughter. Yes, I’m saying that out loud to remind myself that my life has changed in the biggest way possible.

Be Gentle With Yourself

There’s a million things on my to-do list let alone my wish-list. There’s been many days that I’ve had to surrender to the season of my life.  I sometimes still expect to be able to handle all the things the way I used to. Then I remind myself that I have a baby and I’m still adjusting to this new life. It’s getting easier but there are those DAYS. True Story: While writing this I stopped several times because the baby was screaming, the dog was hacking up something, and my notifications were going haywire.

In those hard moments, I have to stop and think about how amazing it actually is. I get to work from home doing something I love. Because of that I don’t have to send my kid to daycare or leave my dog home all day by himself. I designed this life. It was intentional and I love it. She’s only going to be a baby for a few more months.  When I surrender to my season of life, I can embrace and enjoy it for what it is. This too shall pass.

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Stop, Think, & Plan

When I’m busy and overwhelmed, it’s so easy for emotional eating or a binge to happen. At the end of the day who doesn’t want to Netflix & chill while mindlessly eating all the carbs?! Sure, it feels good in the moment but that’s all it is. A moment. You pile a bunch of those moments on top of each other and it keeps us stuck in emotional eating/self hatred shit storm.

When I’m feeling like I want ALL the carbs, I have to stop, think, and plan. This can be a really uncomfortable process and is rage inducing at times! For two nights in a row last week I wanted this insanely irresistible chocolate layer cake from Harris Teeter. I was getting SO pissed because I wanted it so bad. Would one piece of cake hurt me? No. But one leads to another and another. That’s the cycle with emotional eating. I fought the temptation and (begrudgingly) ate a Weight Watchers Fudge bar. Now, I couldn’t care less about that cake.

It sucks but next time you have the urge to binge SIT in your feelings and figure out what’s really going on. It’s probably not the food.

Stop Waiting for the Weight

Not waiting for the weight is really about being mindful or being in the moment. Do you know how much time I’ve wasted not living life because I was waiting to lose the next 20 lbs? I didn’t feel like I deserved to do fun things or live life in the same way as a “skinny” person.

A lot of emotional eaters and women that struggle with body image are never satisfied. Myself included.  We are constantly trying to fill some kind of void or hole with food or with the obsession about our weight. Those are distractions!  Can you change? Yes! Can you heal? Yes! Will you ever be able to totally escape who you are and a lifetime of those behaviors and thoughts? No! You have to constantly work at it forever. Some days easier than others. An alcoholic is ALWAYS an alcoholic. Same with emotional eaters.

So stop putting your life on hold and start living. Don’t wait for the weight.


End the Day with Gratitude

When is the last time you reflected on how much you actually DID accomplish in the day? I’m going to bet not that often. If you’re like me, you spend more time stressing what you weren’t able to scratch off the list.

News Flash: That list will never end. There will ALWAYS be things to do. You only get so many hours in the day.

Shift the way you think. Look back at all the things you accomplished today.

Slowing down, surrender, planning, being mindful, and gratitude are the diffusers of anxiety and stress. I guess that makes them the ultimate antidotes to emotional eating too?



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