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I’m a busy working woman so the last thing I want to do after a day of designing and writing all day is camp out in my kitchen cooking dinner.  However, to stay within my Weight Watchers Points range, it’s important that I prepare the majority of my meals at home where I know exactly what’s going into my food. We still eat out but I try to limit the number of times per week.

Since I hate cooking, it’s imperative that the meals I prepare are quick and EASY! I’m not going to waste a lot of my time creating things from scratch if there’s an easier but healthy solution.

Easy Weight Watchers Dinner Idea for Busy People

Last night I made this for dinner. It was a total of 10 Points and it was irresistible, filling, quick, and Weight Watchers friendly! It took me about 20 minutes to prepare everything which included a “homemade sauce” that I created for the fish.

Easy Weight Watchers Dinner Idea for Busy People


I know there are a lot of processed food haters out there and I do try to limit the amount of processed foods we eat. However, it’s a busy world and like I mentioned I don’t have the time in the day to always prepare these things from scratch. It’s still healthy and within my points range, so I consider this a keeper! I recommend if you’re cooking anything processed (i.e. from a box), always through in some fresh vegetables or fruit if you can!

Gorton’s Roasted Garlic and Italian Herb Fish Fillets

Each filet is 4 points.  These are already seasoned so all you do is pop them in the oven for about 15 minutes or so.

Gortons Roasted Garlic and Italian Herb

Minute Rice Ready To Serve Cups

I always eat some sort of carb with my protein and brown rice is a perfect pairing with fish. I always keep Minute Rice Ready to Serve Cups in my pantry for quick meals. Each cup is 4 points and takes about 30 seconds to heat up in the microwave.

Minute Ready to Serve Rice Cups

Fresh Express Cesar Salad Kit

Yes, I could buy the individual ingredients to make this salad but again it comes back to TIME! I prefer the lite version of this salad kit but my grocery store never seems to carry it. The serving size is 2.5 cups of salad for 4 points. I cut my portion to 1 cup for 2 points.

fresh express caesar salad weight watchers

Homemade Crema de Cilantro

I HAVE to eat fish with some sort of lime flavored sauce. I tend to make things up as a I go in the kitchen and I created this delicious low point sauce. All you do is mix together fat free sour cream, lime juice, and Goya Cilantro cooking base . The Goya cooking base replaces a lot of time you would spend blending cilantro, green peppers, onion, garlic, and olive oil. This is another staple in my kitchen! The sauce is 1 point for 2 tbsp but I only ate 1 tbsp for 0 points.

Homemade Crema de Cilantro


This took me a total of about 20 minutes to prepare dinner and it was irresistibly delicious! Even my husband said this was a keeper! I’m definitely adding this to our weekly menu!

What type of meals do you prepare when life is hectic and busy?

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