Disney Princess Delusions
I have a love/hate relationship with those Disney Princesses. Growing up, they are like God for little girls. They are feminine, pink, dolled up, perfect, covered in bling, and always got the fairy tale ending.


Happily Ever After?
Now as an adult, a married one at that, I wished they showed a sequel to the ride off into the sunset. They should show how the prince forgets to replace the toilet paper, forgets to take out the trash, and how YOU, the princess, have somehow now become a secretary, fashion stylist, personal assistant, accountant, attorney, house keeper, chef, vixen, and perfect trophy wife on top of maintaining your career and a life.

Snow White, the Sequel

All jokes aside, marriage is wonderful. It has its ups and downs but those princesses sure do portray it as pure bliss. HA!

Thanks for Ruining my Self-Esteem, Disney
They also had a wonderful way of fu**ing with our self-esteem. Perfect little princess, I would like to welcome you to the real world where there are bad hair days, ugly days, and OH MY, FAT days! They never showed any of that either!

How come the villan was the only FAT one? Shame on you Disney!

The Perfect Disney Princess Hair
Disney Princesses will lead you to believe that your hair must always be perfect. My hair is naturally curly and has a mind of its own. NOT, Disney approved.

Where are the Curvy Princesses?
They also taught us that we would have perfect little bodies. Again, NOT the case! Where the hell was Cinderella’s curves? Her fat rolls? She sure as hell didn’t have a muffin top! Damn you Disney.

Had the Princesses really looked like this, maybe I could have actually related! That’s more like it!

It seems funny but its images like these that are ingrained in our brains from a very young age. We are taught to hate ourselves if we aren’t like Disney or the latest celeb walking down the red carpet. You never see REAL people on TV or even portrayed in cartoons. Perhaps if it was the other way around, us women would think differently and treat each other a lot better.

What do you think?
Has Disney or any other form of TV media filled your brain with such delusions?

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“It is amazing how complete is the delusion that beauty is goodness.”
~Leo Tolstoy~