The Daily Icing is my daily outfit, accesories, raves, rants, etc. Just anything I want to share with you!

I thought I would start with an outfit of the day and we’ll see where it goes from there!

The Details:
♥Snow Leopard Cardigan (Wal-Mart)
♥Black Tunic (Wal-Mart)
♥NY&Company Jeans
♥Black Belt (Can’t Remember)
♥The “Bird” Necklace from Target (see post here!)
♥My Eiffel Tower Necklace (JC Penney)
♥Silver Hoops (Can’t Remember)
♥Silver Bangles and a Faux Diamond Bracelet (Can’t Remember)
♥Always wear my Heart Shaped Engagement Ring♥Totally Not Faux! He went to Jared! Ha Ha!

I am all about dressing cute but not breaking the bank. I have no shame in my game! People are always shocked that I find things at Wal-Mart, Target, etc. Use your imagination and get creative!

Here is a close up of the Eiffel Tower necklace. I absolutely adore anything with the tower. I ♥ it!!!

Also, had to share the shoes! LOVE these, especially because of the bow. Found them at JC Penney a few months back.

Well my cupcakes, may you be inspired to be your best today. Until next time …