This type of story really gets me fired up. I mean to the point where the blood in my body starts to boil and my ears get hot. I am freakin’ pissed!

So, I didn’t watch the AMA’s  . . . nor, did I even know they were on. I go to my Yahoo home page and the first thing I see is this headline:

Aguilera’s tight dress sparks rumors
The singer’s full figure and skin-tight bandage dress has fans wondering if she’s pregnant.

Here is what she looked like:



Hollywood and their pretentious body image bullshit needs to stop. I don’t know if Christina Aguilera is pregnant and it really doesn’t matter. Honestly, she didn’t look prego to me. She looks like a curvy, irresistible woman! Good for her for rocking her new body and not giving a damn!

She looks HOT! She is curvy and rocked the hell out of that dress.

Hollywood go fuck yourself and your one way views of how a woman needs to look. I’m not a size zero, I have fat, I have curves, and I’m not apologizing for it!

We need more women on TV and in the media with REAL bodies, with real CURVES that can represent ALL women.