The holidays are such a fun time but they can also cause a lot of stress! Add to that a relationship or lack thereof, and it can really become a crazy time of year! I’ve been blessed to have not spent the holidays single in a very long time thanks to my awesome husband. Here’s a pic of us from my holiday party a few years back. I work at home now, so I don’t get any more fancy smancy parties! Wahh!


I thought I’d share some tips on surviving the holidays together, especially for those in new relationships where things can be a little awkward during those first holidays together!

1. Communicate!

Talk to each other for goodness sakes! What is so hard about this people?!? If you want Romeo to spend Christmas with you, then TELL him! Geesh! Even if you think he should know something, chances are, he doesn’t. Tell Him!!!

2. Discuss Family Gifts

If you aren’t married but will be spending the holidays with each others families or friends, discuss buying gifts. You can figure out how to divvy up the costs. The purpose here is that you get it out in the open and nothing is left as a surprise.

3. Know Your Status!

If you are going to be attending his company party or going to his parent’s home, at least know in advance where you stand (your status) with each other. Nothing is more embarrassing than not knowing how to introduce each other. Someone is bound to get hurt and embarrassed if you don’t have the talk.

4. Spend Time Alone As A Couple

With all the parties and events, it’s important to remember to spend time alone as a couple. Even if you have to do it on a weeknight, go drive around and check out the Christmas lights together and pick up some dinner. It doesn’t have to be complicated!

5. Tell Him What You Want

For god sakes ladies, tell him what you want for Christmas. I get so sick of hearing women complain that they didn’t get what they really wanted. Then I find out that they didn’t tell them!!! Men are simple and see things in black and white. They aren’t going to try and read our minds. Be ridiculously blunt and let him know!

PS – This goes for so much more than just material things!

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