This was not the regularly scheduled episode for today. It just didn’t feel right to publish it with everything going on right now with the Coronavirus pandemic. I have to be honest – it feels awkward to add to the noise and talk about it. It also feels wrong to not talk about it.  AND, it feels weird to stick to my normally scheduled content calendar. The episode that I had recorded and scheduled was about accountability and it was heavily promoting my masterclass this week. I’ve even considered cancelling the masterclass but have decided that we all need some sense of normalcy and an empowering training is needed right now. So, that is still on schedule and seats are still available to RSVP.

So, this Irresistible You episode is just an honest conversation about how to navigate the unknown right now and how to feel a sense of control during the chaos. I don’t have the answers. I may not say the right words. Just know that we are in this together.

It’s Ok To Feel Scared and Anxious

Matter of fact, it’s normal. To be honest, I’d be concerned if you aren’t feeling some kind of fear or anxiety right now. This is unlike anything we’ve ever navigated before. There are so many unknowns. It’s hard to plan right now because life is literally changing by the hour. Please don’t judge yourself for feeling the way you feel. It’s OK to be scared and anxious.

Things are Out of Control But You Have a Choice

The future and the world is out of your control right now. We can’t control the next cancellation or update about infection and death numbers. BUT, we get to make a choice on how we deal with walking the line between full blown freak-out panic mode and living in lala land like nothing is happening. You need to stay informed but staying informed can feel overwhelming too.  Yes, things feel out of control but YOU have a choice in how you react to that.

Right now is is the “perfect storm” to say fuck it and shove all the comfort foods in your mouth. What goes in your mouth is 100% a choice you can control in the chaos around you.

Having that sense of what you can control during a crisis is empowering. That’s what you should focus on. Other things you can control are how you show up for your family, helping others, filtering your social media feed, etc.

Who Do You Want to Be When the Dust Settles

I know right now it feels like this will never end. It will! Normal life is on pause at the moment but eventually the dust will settle. When that happens, do you want to be bitching and complaining about the 20 extra pounds you gained from stress eating? Think about this. Life may feel “normal” when the shutdowns end BUT we will have a lot of catching up to do from it.  That will be another “perfect storm” to use as an excuse to emotionally eat.

Practice Gratitude During a Crisis

Trust me, I get how addicting it is to keep hitting refresh and watching the latest updates. I’ve been guilty of this all weekend. BUT, life as we know it is changing right now. We have to lean in and create our new normal during this crisis. Some of you may be working from home for the first time, have kids home from school, can’t work, or have to work over time because you’re a healthcare worker or first responder. This is a just season of life. We can either bitch and complain about how much it sucks….OR try and find a sliver of gratitude in the chaos.

Use this time to catch up on things you wish you had time for. Personally, for me not much will change because I already work from home and my daughter is here with us. I wish I had more time to do all those crazy projects that just keep getting shoved down my to-do list!

Talk About How Your Feeling – Lean on Community

We are all socially distancing ourselves. That doesn’t mean you have to isolate yourself online. Reach out. Call a friend. Face time your family. Talk about how you’re feeling. Our Irresistible You community is a safe place that you can lean on for support. Sometimes just getting a heart or a #solidarity on your post means the world.

None of us are alone in navigating this. We are all going through it together. Yes, it’s scary and it’s OK to say that out loud.

I may not have the right answers or any answers at all. But, I hope that I can at least facilitate a beacon of light and hope during this time.

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