You hear me talk a lot about my signature group coaching program, Irresistible You. In this podcast series, I’m chatting with real life women who are students inside of my program. They are going to share their experience with you including why they enrolled and some of their top aha moments and transformations while in the program. It’s so valuable to hear from other women who started from a similar place that you are in right now. If you’re on the fence about joining, you definitely don’t want to miss this episode.

In this episode, you’ll meet Megan Cain, who is a current student at Irresistible You.  As a new mom to a daughter, Megan realized early on that she didn’t want to pass her own body image issues on to her daughter. Irresistible You has taught her how to lose the emotional weight so that she can show up as the best version of herself. Megan isn’t even done with the program yet but has had so many aha moments that are transforming her life!

Irresistible You is a 12-week online group coaching program that teaches you to lose the emotional weight, gain confidence, and how to look and feel irresistible no matter what size or weight you are so that you can create the life you crave . . . and deserve. This is so much more than a weight loss program or a BS fad diet. It’s about actually transforming your life!

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Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • The experience of what it’s like to be a student at Irresistible You.
  • Some of Megan’s top aha moments while in the program.
  • Confidence doesn’t come in the accomplishments, it comes in the doing.
  • Why it’s important to put yourself first even when you’re a mom!
  • The difference between just listening to the podcast vs the accountability Irresistible You offers so that you can take action and actually transform your life.
  • The power of journaling and using the OWN IT method so that you can redirect your thoughts and BS stories.
  • How Megan changed her thoughts when she saw her family photos from a recent photo shoot without picking herself apart!
  • The most important things you need to know for self-love that diets will never teach you.
  • Megan’s big aha moment about why creating a relationship with yourself is critical.

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Confidence is Built by Creating a Relationship with Yourself - Irresistible You Student Interviews on the Irresistible You Podcast.

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