The quick and dirty answer is yes. Hell yes you can stop dieting and lose weight! The long and complicated answer is that it’s complicated.  When you’ve been a lifelong dieter, the thought of letting go of the “diet mentality” is terrifying. We think that if we let go of the concept of dieting then we are letting ourselves go. We are letting go of all the goals and dreams that we have promised ourselves will begin at goal weight.

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What if I told you THAT exact line of thinking is what’s actually keeping you stuck? What if I told you that giving up dieting all together is the key to losing weight and loving your body?

In this post, I’m sharing my answers to the the question. I really recommend listening to the podcast episode because I go into WAY more detail!

Diet Mentality is Dangerous & It Doesn’t Work

The diet mentality has created the illusion that our entire life is wrapped up in the concept of goal weight. The diet industry is based upon women that hate their bodies. They want you to believe your body is the problem and that  the only way to fix it is to diet.

The exact definition of diet is

  • a regimen of eating and drinking sparingly so as to reduce one’s weight

When you take that definition and put it in the blender with diet culture, that’s where the messages come from. The ones that tell us we don’t deserve to be happy or confident unless we are skinny or have the perfect body.

Dieting doesn’t work. Dieting is not living.  Dieting is based on restricting your food. Dieting is seen as temporary because it usually has a timeline attached to it.

Not only does dieting have a restrictive menu, there’s also a timeline attached to it. So, when you don’t lose the weight in that timeline, you feel like a failure and the yo-yo diet cycle continues.

Dieting is not something you can sustain in the long term.

Once I let go of the diet mentality, my weight finally stopped yo-yo’ing. This is the longest I’ve ever gone without gaining back all the weight!

Dieting also means

  • : food and drink regularly provided or consumed
  • : habitual nourishment
  • : the kind and amount of food prescribed for a person or animal for a special reason

So when your doctor puts you on a “diet” for type two diabetes that is totally different from “dieting” as we know it with the diet mentality.

You Still Need Boundaries

When you need to lose weight, you need boundaries though! Diet mentality is obsessively counting calories. Excluding certain foods totally from your diet or telling yourself that you can never eat cake again. What kind of life is that?! That’s why dieting doesn’t work!

When you’re weight is effecting your quality of life, weight loss is necessary.  But you can’t go cold turkey from being a life long binge eater and yo-yo dieter to intuitive eating.

Intuitive eating is bullshit for binge eaters.

Can you imagine intuitive drinking for alcoholics where they tell them to sit in a bar and listen to your body?!

No way! Our body is telling us to eat the carbs and the cake.

So what are boundaries when it comes to food? I eat whatever I want but all in moderation. Yes, I weigh and measure my food and I count WW points. These are TOOLS to keep me focused.

There is nothing wrong with having boundaries around food. This is about eating whatever you want in moderation and practicing portion control.

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Stop Starting Over on Monday

What if you could stop starting over on Monday? What if you could change your mindset and look at this as one long journey…for life?

I know that might feel overwhelming. Life versus six months? Yes! That dieting timeline is what makes all of this dangerous and it’s the reason why the diets never work for you. What if instead you just looked at this as your new lifestyle.

When you lose the “start over on Monday” mindset, you no longer wreck your entire week by binge eating because you ate out last night.

Weight Loss is Necessary…For Some

Weight loss is even life saving in some cases. There’s a lot of stuff out here that tells you losing weight is dangerous. Nope. Not losing weight when you’re obese is dangerous. When your weight is negatively impacting your quality of life, weight loss is necessary.  The good news is that you can lose weight without dieting…without the diet mentality.

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Stop Waiting for the Weight

The concept of goal weight is holding your life hostage. Diet culture is promising you that your life begins at goal weight and you believe this to be true. Then once you have the perfect body everything you’ve ever wanted will come true.

You’ve given a number so much effing power so you’ve missed out on YEARS of your life because you thought a diet would fix you.

Losing weight because you hate yourself is never going to change anything. What has hating your body done for you so far? If you don’t work on yourself and shed the “inner fat girl”, none of the physical weight loss will ever be permanent. Even if it is, you will still be carrying around tons of emotional weight and a ton of self-hatred.

This is one big yo-yo diet/body hate shame cycle. You have to learn how to love yourself enough to change your life. Stop putting your life on hold for an imaginary number. It’s not a number that you really want deep down. You are craving a FEELING. A way of life. That is totally possible for you. I promise you that the only way to make this journey for life is to love yourself now and not wait for the weight.

But how the hell do you love yourself when you’re so overweight that you can barely stand to look in the mirror?

What is the Answer?

You need a system. You need a process that looks at all areas of your life and not just weight. Something that doesn’t focus on dieting but focuses on a balanced alignment of your lifestyle….including your mind, body, and soul. I have the tools for you. I’ve done the work. I have the framework inside of Irresistible You (my group coaching course) that you need to succeed.

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