I watched “Brittany Runs a Marathon” over the weekend about this hot ass mess of a woman who needs to lose weight and becomes a marathon runner in the process. While this movie follows her weight loss journey, it also shows that weight loss alone is not the answer to finding self-love and self-worth. In this episode, I talk about the movie while sharing my thoughts around the difference between going on just a weight loss journey versus going on a personal development transformation.

The movie starts off with the stereotypical Hollywood interpretation of all fat girls. They are all ugly, sad, sloppy, lazy, and depressed. Brittany plays the role of a victim to her circumstances; never taking ownership or accountability for her actions.

She starts running and as a result starts losing weight. As the weight sheds, she starts wearing makeup, her hair goes from sweaty/frizzy/gross to blown out.  She starts going out more, making friends, and taking better care of herself physically.

As she inches closer to her goal weight, she starts self-sabotaging all of her friendships and relationships. She clearly can’t see her own self-worth or value which is why she can’t believe these people possibly have good intentions. I also think that because she’s not at her goal weight, she believes she’s still unlovable.

She notices a slight weight gain right before the marathon and she goes running at night. She’s rage running and runs so aggressively that she gets a stress fracture in her leg.

All of this snowballs into her life falling apart. She loses her job, has nowhere to live, and goes back to her childhood home. She starts packing on the pounds again, abusing food, and drinking every single night. She shuts out all of her friends, hitting ignore whenever anyone calls. She is totally falling back into the victim pity-party mindset, basically being an asshole to everyone.

Then there’s a blowout with a stranger during a birthday party where she’s drunk and calls the woman out on her weight. It’s disgusting how she treats this woman in front of everyone. This is basically her rock bottom.

Her shaming the overweight woman is Brittany projecting her own feelings about herself and her body.  So, even with losing weight she’s not enough for herself. She’s still an asshole to herself and other people because she’s still miserable on the inside.

Losing the Emotional Weight

Even though she’s lost physical weight, she hasn’t shed any of the emotional weight. This is exactly why she spirals out of control when life decides to punch her in the gut.

How many times have you also done that? You gain back all of the weight and revert to old habits because life gets too complicated and painful?

At the beginning of the movie, she’s depicted as fat and miserable. They show her as lazy, sloppy, and unmotivated because she’s fat. She’s not actually miserable just because of her weight. She’s miserable because she hates herself and has zero self-love…which shows up as her acting like an asshole to people and herself. It shows up as her working in a dead-end job. It shows up as her having zero motivation to do more with her life.

Weight loss alone is never going to change you acting like an asshole to yourself or other people. It’s not going to magically change the way you treat yourself. If you hate yourself at 250, you’re still gonna hate yourself at 150.

Weight loss can be a great catalyst for personal development but so often people hate themselves down the scale instead of doing it from a place of self-love and respect. Instead of going on a journey of total personal transformation and development, they just focus on the pounds and the number on the scale.

It’s not about just losing the weight. This is exactly what happened to me over and over again.

It wasn’t until the last major depression and major weight gain that I decided enough is enough. That’s where the Irresistible You framework and guiding principles came from. Those are the five pieces that are missing from any diet or detox plan.

When I first realized that I had based my entire lifetime of happiness according to how much I weighed, I felt sad and a bit regretful of how much time I wasted. I went on my first diet when I was in middle school. From that point on, I tried every single diet, weight loss drug, workout plan, and 3am infomercial gimmick that promised me happiness once I got to my goal weight.

And none of it worked.

After years of effort and failed attempts, I finally realized that what I needed was a cohesive plan that focused on MY body and needs… not random fads from fitness gurus who have zero concept of what it’s like to actually be the “fat girl.” I knew I didn’t want to feel this way anymore.

I decided things had to change.

That’s when I made my “No Plan B Commitment” to myself.

Continuing to binge eat and obsess about my weight was not an option. Staying fat and miserable was not an option. Going on another yo-yo diet just to lose weight right before an event was not an option. I was all in.

So I invested in the biggest personal development journey of my life. I needed to uncover why emotional binge eating and weight was always an issue for me. If I could uncover that, then I could find out why I hated my body so much.

And I finally realized that I had been attaching all of my self-worth and confidence to an imaginary number on the scale.

This was my turning point.

After this, I realized I HAD to help others do the same. So I took everything I learned and implemented into my own life and created the Irresistible You Framework. I started using this method to help other women just like you.

When you look at this as a total personal development transformation and not just weight loss, beautiful things happen. You will….

  1. Stop beating yourself up/talking shit to yourself/stop believing the stories and thoughts that tell you that you’re not enough. You stop believing that weight loss is the only key to unlock your self worth.
  2. You gain a shit ton of confidence.
  3. You start going out and doing new things. New friends, relationships, new hobbies, trying things you’ve always wanted to try but were scared of the weight limit or judgement.
  4. You start living in the moment. Enjoying life not just zombie walking through it, existing. You stop waiting for the weight. You stop throwing your time away. You stop living with regrets.
  5. You start dressing in clothes that fit and flatter your body now. You start wearing makeup and doing your hair. You learn how to take care of your physical appearance to match the new found love and confidence.

These are part of the five guiding principles that I teach inside of my signature program, Irresistible You.

It’s not just about the weight. There are plenty of thin women who are carrying pounds of emotional weight.
It’s about taking responsibility for your life and becoming the best version of yourself. It’s about ending the pity party and taking responsibility for your life. Your weight didn’t cause your shitty job, your bad marriage. Your choices did. When you know you’re worth more than a shitty job and a bad marriage, you don’t stick around. You take actions to change that.
This is exactly how I live my life now. This is exactly how I teach my students inside of my signature program, Irresistible You.
You need the accountability and support that a program like this provides. If you could do it alone, you would have done it already. 2020 is less than a a month away. A new decade is coming. How did you spend the last decade of your life? How many times did you yo-yo diet in the hopes that you’d magically find the perfect body and the perfect life? If you’re listening to this podcast, I know that you are ready for more. You wouldn’t be listening if you had it all figured out. It’s time to invest in you…in your future.

Even though it might not seem like it, it’s actually never been easier to create the life you crave.

It’s possible to feel confident without going on another yo-yo diet or even getting to goal weight.

There are many people I’ve already helped who are living the life they thought was only reserved for goal weight.

While working with these women… I’ve discovered one clear lesson—there is a proven framework for feeling irresistible and it’s not another diet.

It’s learnable and you can use it yourself.

And, I’m going to you show you exactly how to make all of this happen for yourself… even if it feels intimidating, or “impossible” right now.

Having a proven, step-by-step plan you can follow – regardless of your weight right now- gives you the confidence that this won’t be like the other attempts, that you’ll finally stick with it and create lasting change around your relationship with your body.

Plus, it allows you to skip over the expensive mistakes I made, endless tears in the dressing room, and time wasted hiding at home.

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