I never started or intended Irresistible Icing to be solely a weight loss blog. What I did intend was to share my story. My story about weight loss, weight gain; the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful.

I’ve struggled with weight since childhood and I want to be able to share my pain and happiness with readers that are going through the same journey. It’s not easy. It’s not simple. BUT, it’s obtainable.

I started out last year by posting my weekly weigh-ins. Things got hectic with my wedding and then I suffered the post-wedding let down. I got depressed. How could one possibly get depressed after such a joyous occasion?

Some major hurdles were thrown at my husband and I the first week after our marriage. I let my emotions get the best of me and fell into old habits. I let food be my comfort. I couldn’t control much around me…but, I could control food.

Here it is 6 months after my wedding date (4-30-11 was the 6 month marker), and I have gained weight and I have been ashamed to admit it. I promised myself I would never again go back to that place. The # on the scale, the feelings of misery, etc. 

I feel like I let my readers down. I also let myself down. Not just because of the gain. But, because I fell back into old habits and didn’t take control of the situation the right way. The worst thing I could’ve done was to ignore it and act like it wasn’t happening.

However, life is too short to have regrets and spend time wishing we would’ve done it differently. All I can do now is to dust myself off and get back in the saddle. It’s time to look forward into the future.

I got an overwhelming response from you guys about blogging about my Weight Watchers weigh ins again. I’m all game! I want to do this and I want you to know that if you’re going through it, you are not alone. I mean it 200% when I say that I understand everything you are going through.

I need you to help keep me accountable. Even if it’s not a good day. There will always be good and bad days.

I also realized on that 6 month marker, that my 30th birthday was exactly 90 days away. I promised myself I wouldn’t feel miserable going into the 30’s. I wanted to feel irresistible. I also want to say that it’s not about weight or a certain size that makes you irresistible. It’s truly about how comfortable you are in your own skin.

I will start my online journal with you all tomorrow. I have been working on today’s food journal and can’t wait to publish it after the day is over. I also will post my weekly weigh-ins. I just need to determine what meeting day/time, I will be attending.

Will you come along with me on this journey?

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.
~C. S. Lewis ~