One of my dear readers, Nicole at Workin’ It in High Heels recently asked me the following question in response to my “How to Wear a Pencil Skirt” post.

“I LOVE the pink heels! I have a pencil skirt that I am dying to use but not sure how to wear it in this weather…what would you recommend?”

A pencil skirt CAN be worn in this harsh, winter weather. That’s what I love about this wardrobe staple. It goes with you, all 4 seasons! Here are my recommendations/tips.
Fashion Inspiration
Take a look at this collage I put together and read the tips below to incorporate a pencil skirt into this winter’s wardrobe!

Icing on the Cake – Tips to Be Irresistible!
♥ Wear a warm pair of thick tights underneath the skirt. This will keep your legs warm and it gives this look a totally different vibe.
♥ Skip the high-heeled pumps with the tights if you’re dealing with snow. I would opt for Booties or mid-calf Boots. That just depends upon the length of your skirt. If the skirt is below the knee and the boots are up to the knee, then go with a bootie instead. Check these out that I blogged about from Payless! You don’t want the whole leg covered.
♥ Wear a short blazer or fitted jacket on top of your shirt to keep warm and make this a fashion-friendly winter outfit.
♥ Take a long sweater “coat” and belt it over the pencil skirt and tuck in your shirt underneath.
♥ Try a tucked in cowl neck sweater.
♥ If you don’t have a pencil skirt already, go for a material in tweed or wool for winter.
I hope that helps you enjoy that pencil skirt this winter! Make sure to submit your questions to Ask Mimi

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~Lee Mildon~