I get so sick of living in a society where having curves and a few extra pounds is treated as a disability. A woman should have boobs, hips, legs, and ass! That is what makes us physically different from men and truly irresistible.

I think all clothing stores and magazines should be created equal. It’s not fair that there is a separate section for “plus size” women. The names themselves are just insulting:
  • FULL Figured – Really? I thought boobs were supposed to be “full.” Oh that’s right, society wants me to have bite size tits that conform to a standard one size fits all uniform. NO thank you!
  • The “WOMAN’S” section – No shit, I’m a woman. But because I’m not a size 6, now I’m a WOMAN! I find this outright insulting. Especially, when the “woman’s” section is hidden away on the second floor away from the “normal” people. Cough, cough, Macy’s!!!!
  • Plus Size – A dirty 4 letter word.  It should be banned from existence.  Just create clothes in a range of sizes and stop segregating woman based on their size! Seriously.
Personally, I find that this no different than the days of racial segregation. In the eyes of the designers, they want the skinny girls up front and center and all fat bitches to the back of the store or go hide upstairs next to home goods.

It makes me uncomfortable that some stores only carry up to size 8 or 9. It’s size discrimination. I can feel the stares when I walk into a store even after loosing nearly 70 lbs since my “Medusa” days!

I could go on and on about this topic  but will stop right there. I wanted to share some inspiring pictures of real women. Women with curves. Real, voluptuous, curvy women.

Not plus sized women.

Just Women.

Fluvia Lacerda, Model. Absolutely stunning!
Fluvia Lacerda shows that she is proud of her beautiful body! Irresistible!
Queen Latifah. Simply Fabulous!
Fierce! Outfit available at Kiyonna.com
Simply Irresistible! Work it girl!
You can see more pics like this on my Pinterest Board, Curves=Irresistible!

“Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.”
~Judy Garland~