Dear Mimi,

Remember the days you would wake up happy, cheerful and so excited to get to work? Remember the times you would laugh until your cheeks hurt? And usually it was over something so ridiculously stupid! Remember how people used to just love being around you and your infectious laughter? Or how you used to feel so important and “somebody” at work. You were going places!
Remember the girl who dreamed of making it big, living the good life, and kept progressively working towards those goals?
Since those days, a lot in life actually got better. You’ve moved out on your own, you’re getting married to the best man in the world, you took better care of your body, and you bought the best puppy money could buy. You seem to have it all. The job, the car, the man, the friends, the family, the looks.
What makes you so sad and empty lately? Why don’t you jump out of bed anymore? What happened to that passionate, go getter spirit? I know it’s there. I know it will never truly die. In fact, it’s just waiting to burst out like a caged animal.
Everyone misses you. You miss yourself. You miss being the life of the party.
The time is now Mimi. Stop worrying about how things will come together or how you’ll make ends meet. You have things sorted out for the interim. It may not be perfect but if you believe in yourself, the rest WILL fall in place. You have a great support system. You have an amazing fiancé and family that knows you can will make it. You’ve always been able to achieve anything you put your mind to.
If you keep going the way you’re going now, nothing will change. In fact, it will just get worse. Every great and successful person in history took big chances with their life. In fact, they even failed a few times. It’s ok to be scared. It’s not ok to let fear run your life and prevent you from pursuing what you’re meant to do.
You have so much talent. You can no longer let it go to waste. Today is your day to begin your life. Remember who Mimi is. She is fun, happy, cheerful, a bit sarcastic, and most of all loyal and sincere. A true Leo.
Never lose who you are for anyone. Never, for once, sacrifice your happiness to please anyone else. Life is a gift. It is short. It will all be over before you know it. How will you spend it? Sleep Walking? Or Living and taking chances?
I know that you already know the answer. You are smart. You have already made the best decision you could ever make. Never look back Mimi. You have learned a lot and have some great memories. Accept it as just that. Don’t dwell on the negatives. Take every experience, learn and grow from it. You have everything in you needed for success.
You are a gem. You outshine the rest. I know you miss your happy self. Go. Pursue it. This IS your time!