Becoming an irresistible woman takes time and dedication. It’s also tons of fun. Here is my top 5 things you should never leave home without . . . if you plan on becoming, Irresistible!
1. A Pretty Face – We are not all born naturally stunning. However, that shouldn’t stop anyone from leaving the house with a fresh face of makeup. You don’t have to spend an hour on it but you need to spend more than 5 minutes. Seriously. Makeup enhances your features, covers up imperfections, and shows the world that you care about yourself. Take the time to make yourself pretty before the front door ever opens.
2. Heels – Every irresistible woman knows how to work a pair of heels without looking like some pathetic flimsy teenage girl. If you don’t, start practicing at home . . . NOW! Heels are not appropriate for every occasion but 90% of the time they are. They make you stand taller, straighter, and with more confidence. Not to mention after a few years wearing heels, I have some kick ass calve muscles. Oh and how can you complain? Shoes are the cutest, most fun thing on the planet to shop for!

PS – Those feet best not be tore up either. No open toes without a pedicure!

3. Spanx – I don’t care what you weigh. I don’t give a damn if you have a full muffin top or a little extra flub. If you are wearing a dress or a skirt right now, look in the mirror. Do you see smooth lines? Regardless of your size, you need to wear some sort of control top something!!!!!!!!!! Spanx is your best friend. It really smooths out any dimples, fat, or pantie lines and gives you a clean, irresistible look. PLEASE do not leave home without it!

4. Perfume –  I constantly get compliments that I “smell good.” I don’t know if that’s really a compliment or just plain ol’ weird! Shouldn’t everyone smell good? If you have boobs and a va-jay-jay, you better have some perfume over there on your vanity. If you don’t, get shopping ASAP. All irresistible women should smell good, no delicious. Invest in some yummy body wash, body sprays, lotions, and a designer perfume. The world will thank you.

5. Pretty Hair – Do I really have to go into detail here? Don’t leave the house with some messy, undone ponytail or my biggest pet peeve, WET HAIR!!!!!!!!! Again, taking the time to style your hair shows the world you care about yourself. Just do it. Suck it up buttercup. I don’t want to hear about how long it takes. My hair is naturally curly. Your preaching to the choir!

Lastly, always remember what I said about confidence in my previous posts. It’s sooooo important. For years my friends would ask “why do you take so long to get ready? who are you trying to impress?”

The answer is myself. I could careless about others. If I don’t look good, I don’t feel good. Whether it’s a run to the drug store or a night on the town, invest in YOU. Take the time to be the best you can. And, you never know . . .

“I don’t understand how a woman can leave the house without fixing herself up a little – if only out of politeness. And then, you never know, maybe that’s the day she has a date with destiny. And it’s best to be as pretty as possible for destiny.”
~CoCo Chanel~