In my quest for improving my Summer wardrobe, I found this little number on the sale rack at Target for $5.

Yes, $5. 

It could be dressed up with heels or dressed down with flat sandals.

It’s great for family events since it covers up the cleavage and good grief I have enough of that. LOL.

My niece had her annual ballet recital on Sunday night and I got a chance to rock this baby. 

Seriously, I have an insane amount of purses. I just realized my last 3 posts include the Louis. Really Mimi. Time to mix it up. Geesh!

Oh how I ♥ mermaids.
Fountains are fantabulous. Especially with colored water.
The sun was setting but it was such a hot day. This dress is perfect for days like this!
Paparazzi Attack!!!
Hasta Luego Cupcakes!

“Following a dream, with commitment and persistence, transforms what was once unrealistic into undeniable reality.”
~Ralph Martson~