Stop asking people how much weight they’ve lost. Listen. I get it. Whenever we see someone losing weight or hear about them taking the GLP-1 injections, we want to know how much weight they’ve lost. Speaking from experience, I hate that question. Nobody ever asks if you’ve maintained or not gained. Nobody ever asks how you’re feeling. Nobody ever asks how many inches you’ve lost or how many sizes you’ve gone down. Nobody asks if your inflammation went away. Nobody asks if your A1C and blood sugar are in a good range. Nobody asks how your mental health has improved.

This episode is not to shame or knock anyone who has asked this question before. Hell, I’ve asked it before. It comes from the before-and-after diet culture mentality that we all grew up in. It comes from desperate dieting to get the weight off as quickly as possible. In this episode, I am talking about ALL of the other non-scale victories that happen and that matter even more than the pounds.

Topics Discussed During This Episode

  • The number on the scale is just ONE data point in this journey. Weight loss is complex.
  • I’m 56 lbs down from my highest weight of 270 when I delivered Javi in 2020. I’m 21 lbs down since I started Tirzepatide.
  • For the past month, I’ve bounced back from 214 to 215 to 217 and back down to 214. For a MONTH. I’ve had several months like this. I get to a new low and then I bounce back and forth a few pounds before my body settles into that new weight. It’s definitely a pattern.
  • That’s a month that I’m not back in the 220s, 230s, 240s, 250s, 260s, or the 270s. That’s a month of my clothes fitting better.
  • That’s a month of less food noise. That’s a month of no binge eating. No emotional eating. No over eating.
  • That’s a month of feeling less inflamed. That’s a month of having more energy. That’s a month of taking more walks.
  • That’s a month of not sliding backward into that dark place I was in many years ago.
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